How To: Brows

This has got to be the most asked question I get, “How do you do your brows?” I spend time making sure my brows look perfect, because I believe it completely shapes and changes the way your eyes and face look. As long as I have them done, I feel like I can conquer anything!! #foreal. These are the steps I take daily to make sure my brow game stays freshhhhh.

Step 1- Groom

Make sure you take the time to brush your brows, tweeze, and trim any long pieces that just don’t fit into your shape. Nobody needs those long curly suckers hanging out to say hello *Adele voice*. Unless that’s the look you’re going for…then do you boo boo. Be careful with trimming/tweezing because it’s pretty easy to get carried away and you’re left with this gaping hole. I’ve done this several times and all I have to say is thank god I can hide it with a pencil.

Step 2- Draw a defined line.

I take my Cover Girl Brow & Eye Maker pencil in Midnight Brown, sharpen it to a point and draw a defined line under my brows. Sometimes I find that I have to sharpen it once per brow, but I don’t mind because it creates a flawless finish. If you don’t use a sharp end, your brow will end up looking fuzzy and I personally don’t like that look. I love this pencil because it’s easy to sharpen, goes on fluidly, and it’s inexpensive ($5-$7 at a drugstore). I’ve tried several drugstore pencils and I find this one works best for me. It comes with two pencils and a sharpener (bonus!), which is extremely reasonable considering I go through these pencils a lot. Spending a ton of money on a $20-$30 brow pencil is absolutely ludacris to me because I would literally sharpen half of it into the garbage. Always remember it’s not the product you use, but the technique in which you use it.


Step 3- Blend up into your brow from your defined line.

I will take my Cover Girl pencil again and create a thicker second line above your first line and lightly blend upwards to maintain a defined line. At this step, I will introduce Anastasia’s Dip Brow in Dark Brown with an Anastasia #12 brush, and continue to define that bottom line and blend upwards to fill in the rest of my brow. This is a product I don’t mind spending money on because it literally lasts me forever. I purchased the brow brush to go along with it just to have the complete package, but really any angled brush will do. I personally like the look of the ombre brow, where the bottom line is darker than the top line.


Step 4- Set with a gel.

Once I’ve achieved the perfect look, I will take my Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash gel and apply a coat to my brows so they don’t move. This is another product that I don’t find necessary to spend a lot money on because really, I find a gel is a gel and it’ll all set the same. That’s my opinion.

Step 5- Highlight the brow bone.

This step makes all the difference and it takes two seconds. I use my Benefit High Brow highlighter and apply a stroke or two right on the brow bone and it makes those puppies POP! This photo is more of my everyday look, but for a more dramatic effect use more of everything!



DONE. Brows. On. Fleek.

What products do you use on your brows?