How I Handle Tim’s Lifestyle

I decided to write a post addressing how I’m able to handle Tim’s lifestyle. I was scrolling through my “Chat With Chia” questions ( I answered a bunch btw) on this long flight from NY to LA and noticed that 70% of the submissions are about how I manage all the craziness.

I know that this industry and all that it entails, doesn’t make sense to a lot of you and that’s okay. It’s not meant for you to understand unless you’re in it. First of all, Tim and I are in a grown and mature relationship and to be entirely honest, I wouldn’t involve myself with something I couldn’t handle. An easy way to explain this is, “If you can’t handle the heat, get the F out the kitchen!”

I’m a pretty independent and confident person naturally, so I’m not bothered when Tim has hundreds of beautiful people around him all the time. When it comes to his skits and kissing scenes, well guys I hate to burst your bubbles by telling you that…it’s his J O B. He’s an actor, remember? Subscribe to him on YouTube here, where you can find videos addressing this exact topic.

I get a lot of messages about how lucky I am to live this fast paced life and travel the world (and you’re right, I am super blessed), but this industry can be challenging. Not to mention we live hundreds of miles from each other which is a whole other challenge within itself. Read my long distance post here.

The best thing about our relationship is that we communicate constantly. Tim always lets me know what he’s shooting and if I’m comfortable with the concept. Which makes things really easy for me because if I don’t approve of something, he won’t do it. Isn’t he the best? I’m not saying I’m perfect because like everyone else I have shitty days too. And when those shitty days come around, I try to handle them like a G because I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and this is exactly what I expected.

Does that put things into perspective a little bit?