#ootd- My Fall Vibes

Goodbye summer, hello fall! I don’t need to tell you guys again, but I will…my style is simple. I wanted to show you one of my go to outfits for fall because it’s super comfortable, stylish, and warm. I love to combine a good pair of joggers, oversized hoodie, and a comfy pair of sneakers (all neutral colors of course)! I’d like to start off by saying I find it hilarious that people are swimming in the ocean and tanning when I’m walking Venice boardwalk making Tim take fall photos for me. It was chilly that day, I swear!

I think I love these joggers more than I love my boyfriend lol. They are the Publish Brand Maddy Jogger Pant in black and they also come in slate. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which means they are basically like pj’s. I love the distressed look of them to add a little variety and texture so I’m not rockin’ all black (although I love that too). The elastics around the ankle are perfect so they don’t keep falling down like some joggers. They are versatile in that you could easily dress them up with a pair of heels, but liiiiiike…sneakers for me! They are 100% comfortable, stretchy, and honestly worth every penny.


To make sure my upper bod stays nice and warm I always try and go for a funnel neck sweater or if it’s a zip-up then I like to have the zipper come all the waaaaay up to my chin and long enough to cover the booty. I’m naturally a cold person so having my neck warm is super important for me. For some reason I couldn’t find this Nike sweater online, even though it’s only a few months old, but I found some alternatives here and here (I already have this one, hehe!) I’m about to head to the Nike store now and scoop up that first option because I want it in my life. Why does Nike always have to deliver dope sweaters? It makes me weak in the knees.




When it comes to choosing Nike’s (or any shoe) for myself I always have to have them in black with white, white with black, or all white, or all black (haha). Did that make sense? I just looooove neutrals so much. I find I get the most wear out of them when they can pair with so many other outfits, that’s just me. No hate for those who like different colors, I’m just expressing my personal opinion. I wear the shit out of these Nike Juvenate shoes…super comfortable. Shop for them here. Ps. Can you see the little goosebumps on my ankles?! I told y’all it was chilly that day. My ankles don’t lie. 


There we have it.  All you have to do is add a bag and some sunglasses, like these here (if you don’t mind spending $$) or these here (a lot cheaper) and you’re good to go! This look is perfect to introduce those chillier fall days/nights and even as we say goodbye to fall and welcome winter. Oh God. I can’t believe I just said winter. To find out just how fast body parts can freeze in a Canadian winter, read my winter post here.

What do you think?