Canadian Stereotypes!

Happy Canada Daaaaay, guuys!

I’m not sure what I wanted to do for this post, and then it finally hit me. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time visiting the US over the years and I’ve been asked some pretty stereotypical questions about being Canadian. Sometimes I have to roll my eyes and say, “Are you SERIOUSLY asking me if I have polar bears in my backyard?”. I live in Canada, not the Arctic lol. Like, c’mon people. Let’s break down some top stereotypes and see if they actually pertain to me, shall we?

All Canadian’s say “Eh?”

No. I swear to God I have literally never said “eh” other than telling you that I’ve never said eh. I do know that I say, “hey” on occasion, but truth be told “eh” is not in my vocab. Yes, there are people I know that do say it a lot and it’s so noticeable to me that even I think “Okay now THAT’S a Canadian accent” lol.

Canadians are the nicest people.

Umm…I feel like yes, this def has some truth to it. Maybe it’s because I live here that I don’t notice how nice Canadians can be, but I’ve been told from my US friends that they notice how nice Canadians are right away. Whether it’s a “thank you” or “you’re welcome” or “sorry”, or holding doors, or letting people cut lines. I’m not sure what exactly makes Canadians seem like nicer people, but it must just be the manners as a whole. I feel like I’m a kind, polite, and friendly person, but liiike…I can not be too lol. I’m nice to everyone until I have a reason to not be, but like…isn’t that most people?

Canadians say “aboot”, not “about”.

I have neveeeeerrr said “aboot” in my life lol. I say “about” the way it’s spelt, “ab-out”. I have heard a few “aboots” in my life and maaaan that shit is weird lol.


All we eat is poutine.

Well no, it’s not the only thing that I’ve eaten in my life, but dammit I’ve had many of them. The combination of crispy fries, perfected gravy, and melted cheese curds…there are no words for it’s beauty. You’d be stuffing your face too if you had it available at every restaurant. YUMMY.

Toronto and Vancouver are the only cities in Canada.

After I tell people I’m Canadian, the first question I get is, “Do you live in Toronto/Vancouver?”. Apparently these are the only two cities that exist in Canada, but guess whaaaaaat, you’re wrong! To be fair I used to live in Vancouver for a bit, but I’m from the prairies. Saskatchewan to be exact. Try to say that one 5 times real fast! Do you sound like Ellen or Wendy Williams (for Wendy’s clip skip to 11:33), who couldn’t even pronounce it one time lol? Watch the clips here and here.

We all speak French.

Nope. Granted there are many Canadians who can, but I dropped it the second I could. French was mandatory from K-8th grade, then became a choice from 9-12th grade. I couldn’t do it. French is not for me. Au revoir! (This is good-bye in French. I think…I probably should Google it, but liiiiike…I’m tired).


What are some other stereotypes you guys have heard about us Canadians?!