Canadian Winter

Let me tell you a bit about a Canadian winter. Do you know what -40C feels like? I know my Celsius people do. For my Fahrenheit readers who have no idea about Celsius, did yooou know that Celsius and Fahrenheit actually end up balancing out at -40 ishhh? There’s a formula to calculate and prove that this is in fact, true! Liiisten, don’t ask me what the formula is or how to calculate it… I’m no mathematician, but Google taught me. So, now that I’m speaking in a language you Fahrenheiters (is that even a word?) can understand, let me ask you again. Do you know what -40C/F feels like? One word. FROZEN. No, not the movie.

For those of you who haven’t read my About Me post, I live in Saskatchewan and Canadian winters here are…brutal. We’ve experienced an unfathomable -50C, sometimes more. Do you ever wonder why your fingers and toes get cold first? It’s because our bodies automatically pull blood out of our extremities, like our fingers and toes, and move it towards the center of our core to keep us warm. As our bodies work to keep us warm, our fingers and toes become vulnerable to frostbite in a matter of minutes.

Layering is vital. A good winter jacket starts at $400 and believe me when I tell you it’s the best money you’ll ever spend if you live in extreme temperatures. You’ll want to be prepared in case something happens while you’re out there commuting in the tundra. Accidents get real scary in the winter. All it takes is a patch of black ice on the road to instantly make you lose control and flip your car into a snow bank or ditch. Scaaary.img_0302

Businesses still function with temperatures like this. Believe it or not everybody goes to work as if it’s a beautiful summer day. The only difference is sometimes our cars don’t start because well…you guessed it…it’s frozen. We have to plug our cars into an outlet at night to ensure the block heater will keep the engine warm enough to physically turn over and start. If our cars aren’t plugged in when it’s that cold out, the engine doesn’t start. No big deal, that just means we can’t leave the house and we’re forced to call into work and say, “I can’t make it into work today because my car didn’t start.” Yaaaay! Back to sleep I go!

This is the type of winter I’m used to having from November-February ish. The best cure of winter blues is a vacation (currently in Huatulco, Mexico)!  I make sure I take lots of sunny vacations in the winter. Not only do I do it for my sanity, but for my health! Vitamin D deficiency is a real thing for most Canadians! It spikes in the winter because I’m wrapped in a blanket for 4-5 months and don’t dare let my skin show when I’m outside. Siiiigh.


What’s the coldest temp you’ve ever experienced?

Stay warm lovelies!

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