3 Ways to Use Structure Gel

Let’s talk about Gelish Structure Gel. I’ve featured this product several times on my Instagram and IG Nail Tutorials and I get some questions about what it is and how to use it. I absolutely love this product and I’ve used it every single time I do a nail application on myself. Every. Single. Time. 

What is Gelish Structure Gel?

A clear soak off gel product used to strengthen the nail.

How is Structure Gel Used?

I use this product for 3 reasons:

  1. Strengthening
  2. Sealing in art
  3. Avoid discoloration

Structure Gel is great for those who want added strength to their natural nails without having to resort to gel or acrylics. It can be applied on top of a cured base coat before the color application and the beauty of this product is that it’s applied like a gel-polish. Which means it’s thin enough that you won’t notice the extra layer, but strong enough that you’ll notice the added strength. Win-win!

Oh, and it will remove along with the usual soaking of gel colored polish. Another win-win-win!

Sealing In Art

When it comes to adding stickers, foil, or tattoos to the nail, Structure Gel works wonders to seal art and ensure they will last. After the application of the desired art, apply a layer of Structure Gel on top. Making sure to completely cover the entire nail (especially the edges of the art).

After curing, finish with the usual Top Coat, wipe clean with alcohol and VOILA!

*Tip: If you are using Structure Gel to add strength + seal in art, you can use the layer to seal in art AS your strengthening layer. That way you don’t have to add a Structure Gel layer before color then again after color.

Makes sense?

Kill 2 birds with one stone. This will help save product and time during an application.

Nail product to help with strengthening and sealing in nail art

Nail product to help with strengthening and sealing in nail art


Lighter nail colors, even though beautiful, can be quite annoying to keep clean. Ever wonder why that is? Well, it’s because gel-polish is a porous product. Meaning it can absorb whatever it comes in contact with resulting in stains that are more visible on lighter (or brighter neon) shades. Things like; make up, hair color, dark denim, and our precious skin care products containing chemicals can disrupt the Top Coat of our fabulous mani.

Structure Gel can help with this! Apply a layer after polish color for added stain protection. It can be the difference of a color staying vibrant for 2 weeks or 2 days.

Watch me apply Structure Gel after color to prevent staining below!

As always leave your comments and questions in the comments section below. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this product!