Hairstyles for Individual Braids

There are so many ways to style individual braids and honestly, this is one my favorite protective styles. The install can take a few hours, but I get 6 (ish) weeks of low maintenance hair. Which to me, is sooooo worth it! The secret is finding a good Netflix series to watch. That makes the time fly by so fast! That, and I also just thoroughly enjoy the company of my braid stylist, Steph. Here are some of the ways I like to easily style my individual braids.

Half Up/Half Down
High Pony Braid
Half Bun/ Half Down
High Pony
High Bun

Throughout the video, you’ll see me loosening the braids that are by my edges. The hair that frames my face are delicate and I always make a point to keep them looser so they don’t break off. Too much pulling and tension in that area is a no-no in my books!

I also included how I wrap my braids at night when I sleep. In addition to using a silk pillow case, I always wrap my hair with a silk scarf for the night. It helps to reduce frizz, friction (which can cause breakage) and to simply keep the braids out of my way when I’m deep in my beauty sleep. You can check out my post about the benefits of using a silk pillow case here!

Another helpful tip when styling your individual braids is make sure your pony tails are large enough. Fighting with the  regular sized ones is such a pain in ass and they won’t hold your style well enough. Also, pick up some fun scrunchies to spice up your look a bit!

Here are some of my favs seen in my tutorial:

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