3 Reasons To Use A Silk Pillowcase

Using a silk pillowcase does way more than just look pretty on any bed. It has several benefits that relate to hair, skin, and health. I personally have benefitted and let me tell you, I am hooked! Here are 3 reasons why I am a believer in the power of silk.

Reduces Hair Breakage

I take my hair health very seriously because it’s prone to dehydration and breakage. When we sleep our heads move back and forth, up and down, which can be hard on our delicate hairs. Sleeping on a silk pillow can reduce friction because of it’s smooth surface, which ultimately can help with breakage. Before I was into silk, I totally remember waking up and finding several pieces of hair sitting on my cotton pillow case. I would mourn their premature departure from my head. It was quite sad.

For those who don’t want to deal with the annoyance of hair wraps sliding off or the feeling of having something tight on your head, a silk pillowcase is a great option.

Better For Your Skin

A good quality silk pillowcase will absorb less oil from our hair and face, which means it won’t linger around causing an unwanted breakout. Further more, all the time (and money) we spend on night creams and serums will stay where we want them – on our face- and not waste away into our pillows.

Say goodbye to those unwanted sleep creases, too! The slippy surface of silk encourages our face to glide along the pillow and keep everything nice and smooth. I enjoy waking up and not seeing my face covered in creases that can be hard to get rid of. How about you?!



Allergies are truly the worst, who else battles them with me? It can totally disrupt your day and interrupt our precious beauty sleep (used to be me every night). Silk is hypoallergenic and repels dust mites (gross), mildew, fungi, and other allergens that can cause skin irritation (contact dermatitis). In addition to washing my sheets in an Allergiene “allergy” Cycle to eliminate dust mites and other allergens, my sleeps have my absolutely soundly! I no longer wake up congested and puffy faced- I found my magical formula!

In my opinion a silk pillowcase has been one of the best things I could have added to my beauty and skin care routine. Also more importantly, my health. I am so obsessed, I take one with me everywhere I travel. Whether I’m in a hotel for 1 night or fly back home for 3 months, I never leave the house without it!

Do you already sleep with a silk pillow case? If not, what are you waiting for?! Psst… the link below could be added to your Christmas list!