Update: Skincare Routine

I wanted to do an updated skincare routine post, but then I realized not much has changed. I am still a hardcore Zo Skin Health lover and still using a lot of the products listed in my last post. So instead of an update, I guess this is a reminder post. Let me refresh your memory on my basics; cleanse, exfoliate, and tone.


A day doesn’t go by without using one of these cleansers; Gentle, Exfoliating, Hydrating. I have all three and alternate them depending on how my skin is feeling. For example, if I’m travelling to a dryer climate, I may opt for the Hydrating cleanser to help with moisture. Or if I’m out of my exfoliating scrub, I’ll use the Exfoliating cleanser.

My skin type is normal/combination, so all 3 cleansers work great for me. Your Zo Skin Health esthetician will recommend the best one for your skin after it is analyzed.

skincare routine


If I ever run out of this product, I’m mad at myself for not having a backup immediately. It’s. Just. That. Good. I use the Exfoliating Polish Scrub a couple times a week to help eliminate dead skin cells and reveal the vibrance of the fresh skin underneath. It has helped a LOT with my uneven skin tone and my overall complexion.

I always say it smells like blue kool-aid or some kind of blueberry slushy. It’s just, WOW.

skincare routine


The Complexion Renewal Pads are meant to calm and soothe the skin, in addition to removing any extra oil or dirt. The pads come pre-moistened in magical toning solution, which makes it super easy to just take a pad, and rub it all over your face.

It leaves me feeling extra clean and ready for the final steps of my routine; anti-aging cream and sunscreen.

skincare routine

I won’t get into my full skincare routine with eye creams, masks, serums, and all the extra things. If you want that breakdown you can check this post here.

You can also check out their site for in depth info on all of their products and how to apply them properly. If you aren’t sure about what products to purchase, you can find a Zo Skin Centre near you by clicking here!

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Images provided by ZO Skin Health