Skin Care Update

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a skin care update post, so here it is! I will be totally honest in that my skin regime really hasn’t changed too much since my last post other than a little thing here and there. I am still seriously dedicated to Zo Skin Health; cleanser, toner, serums, and moisturizers. For my weekly masking I have an array of products that I’m experimenting with and we’ll get into that later.


I like to use Zo Skin Health’s Gentle Cleanser (great for all skin types) during Spring and Summer. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean without feeling dry. I also love how foamy it gets when I incorporate my Clarisonic.

Side Note: I use my Clarisonic Cleansing Device every single day. It’s designed to cleanse skin 6x better than by hand. Who the f wouldn’t want that?! This is such a staple in my routine and I take it with me everywhere I travel.

During the dryer seasons I opt for the Hydrating Cleanser (great for normal-dry skin) because ya girl craves hydration. This cleanser differs from the Gentle Cleanser because it helps the skin retain moisture. It still definitely leaves me feeling refreshed and clean.


I use Zo Skin Health’s (best selling) Exfoliating Polish. I’ve raved about this product several times before and I’m still gaga over it. It has magnesium crystals to gently remove dead skin cells and promote a more even skin tone to make you glow, baby! I will use this product several times a week and it’s most likely because I’m addicted to how it smells like blue kool aid.


A lot of people will skip this step in their routine, but please don’t! Toning is important because it rebalances your skin’s pH level after cleansing. Well what the f does that mean? It refers to the skin’s natural protective barrier and the acid and alkaline levels. Our body’s natural pH is about 7 and our skin is slightly more acidic at 5.5 During the cleansing process, products can have a pH of 8-10 (more alkaline) which overall will throw off our skin’s natural pH of 5.5

When we apply toner to our face (after cleansing), it brings down the alkaline level and restores the pH back to 5.5. Proper balance of our skin will help fight dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that, but toning will help remove any additional dirt and help prevent clogged pores!

Okay, take a breath. I know that was a lot to take in. This is why toning is very important and I use Zo Skin Health’s Complexion Renewal Pads. They are pre-moistened pads to do everything I just mentioned. I keep this product at home and also in my gym bag to remove oil and sweat after a workout.

Serums and Eye Creams

I won’t go into too much detail on these because I haven’t changed a thing in this department. I use Zo Skin Health’s Growth Factor Serum (best seller), Daily Power Defense (antioxidant treatment), Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Repair Crème and Intense Eye Crème. I use the serum every night, the antioxidant treatment in the morning after cleansing, and the eye cream daily. You can read more about these benefits in my last post here.

New Products!!

Okay let’s get to the good stuff. Here are the (small) changes I have made to my routine.

Skin Brightener

I’ve started using Zo Skin Health’s Brightalive; it’s a non-retinol skin brightener. My esthetician recommended it and said it would help even out my skin tone. My cheeks are much, much lighter than my forehead and chin. I’ll use this product a few times a week in place of the Daily Power Defense (after cleansing and toning).


For the cold and dryer winter months, I started using the Hydrating Crème. It’s pretty self explanatory in that it delivers hydration back into the skin. I have been using this daily and have noticed an improvement. Wa-hoo!


While I sometimes use Zo Skin Health’s Sulfur Masque (great for excess oil or spot treatment for a blemish), right now I need hydration. The mask I have been loving for this is:

  • The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask– Love, love love this mask! I first picked up a couple samples before purchasing the full size. I’ll use this mask a couple times a week to boost hydrating in my skin. I feel the difference and it’s a beautiful thing!

TIP: I’ll take samples of this product while I travel to apply after a flight. We all know airplane air is dehydrating as F. No, thank you.

  • Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Eye Patches– This is not a new product for me. I am simply obsessed with these eye patches and always have them on deck. I will use these whenever I feel like my under eyes need a boost. Love how moisturized my eyes look after!

TIP: Keep these in the fridge to deliver a cooling sensation to the eyes. This will also help fight puffiness =)

Steam Room

Ooooooh I love this one. Now that I’m all settled into LA, I got a gym membership and have really been taking advantage of the amenities; steam room! If you didn’t know, steaming has many benefits for our skin and overall body health when done in moderation.


  • opens pores and encourages the release of toxins
  • increases blood circulation which helps our skin glow
  • the humidity can help bring moisture back into the skin

I try to steam for 10 minutes 3-4 times a week and I feel incredible every time. Especially because this is my routine after a workout so my body and mind just relax in addition to soaking up the other benefits. Before I started using a steam room, I would steam at home with a profession facial steamer (my mom is an esthetician). This will deliver the same benefits to your skin as a steam room. Another one of my favorite things is taking a hot bath and putting a hot towel over my face. This, too, helps to open the pores and release toxins.



Damn! That was a long one, but you asked for it!

Leave me any comments or questions you may have about anything in this post. I’d love to hear it!

Images c/o of Zo Skin Health