Divatress Crochet Hair

I recently experimented with my first crochet hair install and I want to tell you guys all about it! I got plenty of comments (and lots of questions) about what I did to get such defined curls and I said, “I ordered it from Divatress.com and paid someone to put it on my head!” Sounds like some of you, too, are interested in a crochet install, so I decided to do a post sharing my experience with my Divatress Crochet Hair and answering some FAQ’s you had for me.

For those of you who don’t know what a crochet install is, it means your natural hair is cornrowed into a braid pattern and the hair is installed to the braids. A crochet needle (or hook) is used to pull the hair through the cornrow and secured with a loop or knot. There are hundreds of styles and looks you can achieve with the crochet technique and I choose a beach wave curl. I’ll give you the exact link for the hair I used later in this post.

How Long Does It Last?

Anywhere from 4-8 weeks. This will depend on the quality of the install/hair, your hair care routine, and your own personal preference. For me, I took my hair out just shy of 4 weeks not because of a bad install/hair or that I lacked caring for my hair, but because of my headaches (I am prone to migraines). I can normally keep a protective style in for 4-6 weeks before the weight starts to bother me. Which takes me to the next question.

Is The Crochet Hair Heavy?

I’m sure some hairs are heavier than others, but this particular one was not. It was light and fluffy and I loved it so much! I could barely tell I had extra hair on my head. When in fact, I had 5 extra packs of hair on my head, not to mention the length was much longer than my natural. However by Week 3, it started to feel slightly heavier than Week 1 and it slowly started pulling on my hairline. Especially because I love a good top knot. By Week 3 I found myself doing a half up/half down style, so I could still have my beloved (less heavy) top knot.

crochet hair crochet hair

What Is The Hair Care Like?

For this particular hair, it was very important to separate and detangle so it didn’t cluster into one massive knot – especially at the back. I would just use my fingers to detangle the hair a few times a week. It almost just becomes natural to make sure the curls are separated and I found myself doing it while I was watching TV, stuck in traffic, or randomly thorough the day. A few times a week I would oil my scalp (avocado, olive, or coconut oil) to make sure it stayed moisturized. This helps to keep the natural hair happy and also prevents breaking and itching. I also like to spray the hair with a moisturizing sheen spray to make it shiny and bouncy!

TIP: I love adding a few drops of peppermint to my oil to make my scalp feel (and smell) insanely refreshed. Peppermint can also help stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. I also like to use peppermint because it’s great for headaches, which for me, works amazing because I get headaches often. Win- win!

Can You Wet/Wash The Hair?

Yes! I would wash my scalp (in the shower) once a week, and also shampoo and condition the crochet hair. Like natural hair, product needs to be washed out to avoid build up. On my scalp I like to use a clarifying shampoo to make it feel fresh again. On the crochet hair I will opt to use my less expensive shampoo and conditioner which works great on synthetic hair. Shampoo gently, then condition as normal. I never used a brush or comb on this hair, I only finger combed.

I found the synthetic hair air dries pretty quick, but I will always take the blow dryer and dry my natural hair underneath so it doesn’t stay wet in a braid for a day (I have thick hair). When I’m about 80% dry I will start to finger comb through the curls and start to detangle and separate. This is when you might find some shedding and all I do, is take scissors and snip that away to maintain a defined looking curl. It’s so satisfying- this was one of my favorite parts!

After my head is completely dry, I add oil  back into my scalp and spritz the hair with moisturizing spray (sometimes I add frizz-free foam) and VIOLA! Like new! Light, airy, fresh, and so clean!

crochet hair

How Much Does It Cost?

The hair I ordered online at Divatress for around $40 USD. It was on sale at the time, and I believe still is! Regular $12.95 on sale for $6.95 wa-hoooo! Shipping was quick, easy, and I’m pretty sure it came within 7-10 business days. Here is the link for the exact hair I used Mane Concept Caribbean Bundle Braids – Beach Curl 18″ in the color “T1B/27”. I ordered 5 packs of crochet hair and used about 80% of it- close estimate. Phew! It’s always better to over estimate than under. I will keep the rest of the hair for another install =).

The install price will depend on where you go. I paid in between $150- $200 and the process took about 3-4 hours. I’m always told by stylists that my head is small, but I have lots of hair. Which is deceiving for them when they estimate on how long it will take. My hair is definitely thick and needs the extra TLC haha. After the install, my stylist cut length, added layers, and framed my face. I looove the way she cut it, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Does It Damage Your Natural Hair?

Well, I guess this will heavily depend on your maintenance. I always make sure I take care of my natural hair under my protective style. Like, alwaaays! I wash, oil, and moisturize my scalp like crazy. I am sure to treat my hair with deep conditioners before an install and book a moisturizing treatment and trim after my protective styles are taken out.

What is the Removal Process?

Easy! I just took scissors and snipped the hair to be an inch short and the pulled at the loop. It comes out pretty swiftly with the occasional one giving me a little trouble. The trickiest part is cutting the thread that was used to sew the cornrows tight to prevent the braid from unravelling. This took the most time for me. If you’re removing it yourself, just be patient, have a good mirror, and watch a couple episodes of your favorite show (Game of Thrones for me!).

The best part? Getting in the shower and giving your scalp and hair a good ol’ wash! Nothing feels better than massaging your scalp after removing all that hair and those cornrows. YES! BLESS THE HEAVENS!!

crochet hair


What are your thoughts on crochet hair? Love/hate it? I’d love to know your thoughts!