Babes Supporting Babes

Happy holidays, guys!

I was able to get out of my food coma and end my butter tart binge to put together a post for you. I decided to switch things up a bit before the year expires and set the mood for 2017. I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine Holly from Teach Me Style. She’s a local fashion blogger in my small city and we decided to team up and create some thing new for you! She’s easy on the eyes right? Get more Teach Me Style by checking out her blog here.

Teach Me Style and I wanted to show you that supporting each other is a beautiful thing. We created this content to help spread good vibes about encouraging and supporting girls we meet throughout our lives. There is nothing more irritating than one person bashing another for their achievements and accomplishments. Why is so much easier to say something negative than positive? Let’s try and change that for 2017! Sit back, relax, and watch our video as we smile, giggle, and share some stories/answer a few questions!

Brunette The Label provided us with our “Babes Supporting Babes” crewnecks and we loved the message it sends to girls. You can shop their incredibly comfortable clothing line here. I encourage every one of you to be the babe who supports babes because who doesn’t want to strive for #girlpower? And besides, Beyoncé said it best, “Who run the world? Girls.” And we don’t dare disobey Queen Bey. See what I did there =)? #babessupportingbabes


Should I do more posts like this? Let me know your thoughts below!