Lashes, lashes, lashes!

I’m going to give you guys the juice about my lashes and right off the bat I’m gonna say that my lashes are my own. I’ve never had lash extensions applied and to be honest I can count on one hand how many times I’ve glued full strip lashes on (it was a disaster, but that’s what eyeliner is for lol). All those times I had lash enhancements were for some type of fancy function or wedding. I naturally have longer lashes, so I try to take advantage of their healthy state while they still look good.

I always comb my lashes through before I apply any mascara to them. Mascara will look a thousand times better if it’s applied to untangled lashes. Then I’ll go through and curl them with a lash curler. I’ve gone through a few different brands of lash curlers and right now I’m using Shu Uemura’s lash curler (5 star rating). I have NO idea where the hell I picked it up and I bought it without knowing it has won awards and shit! Click here to buy it online.

I get asked a lot about what mascara I use, and my ULTIMATE FAV is Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volume. I’ve dabbled with different brands, but I find myself always going to back to Cover Girl because it works so great for me. If I’m going to work I typically apply 1-2 coats (top and bottom). If I’m going out, honey… I apply about 4 coats. No lie lol. This mascara is great because I never get raccoon eye by the end of the day. It’s like cement and stays put until I take it off! Another reason why I love Cover Girl, is because it’s only $5-$7 and I use a shit ton of it. I could not imagine buying $30 mascara as often as I do Cover Girl, I’d be broke! I buy the volumizing tube because I already have length naturally on my lashes and I want to enhance the volume. Different mascaras do different things, so be sure to address what your lashes need before you go out buying some and wasting your money. Do you need length? Volume? Both?

I will share with you guys an itty-bitty secret…I put in two drops of lavender essential oil in my mascara tube. I’ve done ample research on this and the word on the street is, it maintains the lashes you have and promotes new growth (hell yeah!) I’ve been doing this for almost two years now and I personally can say my lashes seem to be fuller. Keyword seem! I didn’t take photos, but I honestly feel like it’s made a difference, and if it hasn’t…well I still feel great about it lol.  If you really want to get fancy with it, you can also add Rosemary and Cedar wood oils. All these oils have properties to promote growth.

When buying lavender oil, be sure the only ingredient is lavender. This means it’s pure and not mixed with other things that can dilute the potency. I use Doterra’s lavender essential oil and you can buy that product here (prices in US dollars). Doterra also has links for international orders (I didn’t forget about you guys!!). For my Canadian readers you can buy Young Living’s lavender oil if you’d like to avoid the (horrible) exchange rate and shipping costs. You can buy that product here.

These are two amazing brands and I love, love, looove me some essential oils! Be careful though, one oil turns into two, and before you know it you’re $500 deep and you end up having this collection that makes you look like some type of natural witch doctor. Or is that just me..?

Give the lavender a try! It can’t hurt right? It’s natural!




#babyhairs for days.


*Sunglasses by Quay Australia in feature photo.