Polish: 2 coats or 3?

When it comes to applying nail polish, what’s the magic number, 2 coats or 3? A lot will say that 3 coats is frowned upon because it peels faster and looks thick. So, 2 coats seems to be the right number.

Not for me. I am a 3 coat girl almost all the time if I’m working with colors that aren’t meant to be sheer. When I apply polish, regular or gel, my goal is to have complete coverage (opaque). Even if that takes me 3 coats. I’m someone who dislikes the look of seeing my own nail through the polish.

3 thin coats is better than 2 thick ones.

This is especially true when working with gel polish. The thicker the application, the less the LED or UV light can travel through it to cure it properly. Resulting in premature peeling and all that hard work of yours will have gone to waste.

A thick application of regular polish might last you a decent amount of time, if you give it ample time to dry. The downside of polish vs gel is the drying time. Don’t get me wrong I love regular polish, but it takes time to dry all that polish you just put on. Very much so if it’s thick.

The amount of coats will mainly depend on the saturation/opacity of the color itself. 

There are some colors I’ve gotten incredible coverage with 2 coats and others that just need a little extra love (coat). Just know that peeling doesn’t automatically happen just because a third coat is applied. If you’re finding your sets are peeling, here are some possible reasons why.

TIP: It can be helpful to apply a coat of white polish first then the color of your choice. White can help with coverage, particularly with neon colors. Not only is it great for coverage, but it can also give color a POP and increase vibrancy.

There is no rule about how many coats of polish you should do, they can last the same amount of time. At the end of the day it depends on the application, the color and how much coverage you want. Either way, take your time and enjoy the painting process. It can be quite therapeutic =).

Gel polish in video- Secret Peri-Winkle by Gelaze