5 Things I Did After Finding Out I Was Pregnant

After I found out I was pregnant, a million and one things were going through my mind. Everything from baby furniture, to wondering what kind of maternity leggings I would buy, to anything else (relevant or not). All of these things were not important at 4 weeks pregnant, but what I can tell you are the 5 things I did do.

Warning: If pregnancy is a trigger or a sensitive subject for you, please stop reading now. I will continue to share my experiences throughout my Pregnancy Blog Series and encourage you to turn to my other non-pregnancy related posts for your reading pleasure.

1. Booked An OB Appt

I took about 4 (or so) pregnancy tests at home before I even missed my period. They were positive tests, but verrryyyy faint positive tests. If you haven’t seen the vlog, check it out here! When I finally did miss my period, I tested at home again and by this point, it was very clear I was pregnant.

I scheduled an appointment with my OB and went in for my first visit around 8 weeks. This visit confirmed the pregnancy, and I was provided with all the information on testing, blood work, ultra sounds, etc. Basically information overload, but obviously very important things to know and understand.

I felt confident that my OB/GYN would be a great fit for my pregnancy, so I was relieved that I didn’t have to meet and greet a few doctors to find “the one”. From here we went on to schedule all the first trimester appointments and I was on my merry-little-morning-sickness way!

2. Skincare/Bodycare Ingredients

I loooove my skincare, but not all skincare is recommended for pregnancy. Luckily I didn’t need to adjust too much, but I did eliminate products containing retinol and salicylic acid. Which ended up being my cleanser, exfoliating/toner pads, eye cream and serums.

For body care, I normally use coconut oil (or some type of oil) anyways and I had switched to a natural deodorant a couple years ago so I didn’t change much there.

As always, I was using the guidelines provided by my doctor while making these changes.

3. Started Journaling

I’ve always wanted to have a journal for my future children to read as they got older. So I started a journal at the beginning of 2020, before my husband and I even tried for a baby. I’ve been writing in it consistently, even when I feel like I don’t have much to say.

Not only is it a great keepsake, but it can be therapeutic and relaxing. I will be honest in saying, my hand and arm is exhausted after 10 minutes of writing (haha!). I often wonder how I took notes in high school all day without breaking a sweat. How the times have changed!


4. Bought This Book

I came across this book “Why Did No One Tell Me This?” on Instagram and bought it immediately. I’m someone who loves details and I love knowing the “gross” things that no one really talks about during pregnancy. This book is exactly that! It’s written by two doulas in a very casual, educated way. No fancy, hard to understand medical lingo, and if there is, it’s definitely explained and simplified.


I appreciate the illustrations to help paint a picture of what’s actually going on inside a pregnant body. For example, there’s an illustration of what a contraction actually is and what each wave of contraction is actually doing. I was like, “Oooohhhhh! Okay, I did not know that“.

If you’re someone who also loves knowing details, this book would be worth looking into! I read it through once when I first got it and I find myself referring back to it all the time. Definitely a good one to have on your book shelf.

Speaking of doulas…

5. Researched Doulas

I knew I would absolutely want a doula in my corner. Now you may ask, what IS a doula? I’ll take a quote directly from the book mentioned above, “A birth doula is a nonclinical coach that provides emotional, advocacy, educational and sometimes spiritual support during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate post partum period.”

Having a doula part of my team is exactly the peace of mind and support I need to feel comfortable and prepared during my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after birth. Not only for me, but for my husband too! Now let me be clear, my OB ultimately has the final say, but a doula is a fantastic resource to have. It’s like having a little fairy that can answer questions, offer suggestions, educate, and so much more.

Everyone has their own opinions on doulas. If this something that interests you, definitely look into it. If this is something that doesn’t interest you, that’s great too! We are all on our own pregnancy journey’s and doing what works best for us =).

Here’s the vlog where we introduce you to our doula, Sarah!

As always, leave your comments and questions below!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and seek recommendations/approvals from my doctor for all pregnancy related issues/concerns. If you are pregnant, DO NOT use my approvals as your own. Always consult with your own doctor as every pregnancy is different.