Happy Birthday Tim!

If you’ve been following Tim along his journey, you’ve forsure watched plenty of his videos, liked several of his IG photos, listened to his brand new podcast “No Chaser”, and basically have absorbed all things Tim through multiple outlets. I thought it would be fun to share some things you may not know about Tim. So, here are 10 facts you probably don’t know about this guy.

1. He constantly leaves drawers open. It’s the weirdest thing, because this seems to happen only in the bedroom. Even when we were living at his old condo, he would always leave the dresser and night stand drawers open. I don’t know why this happens, but it does.

2. He throws trash in the garbage without a garbage bag. Particularly in the bathroom. I’m someone who puts a garbage bag in the garbage can and when it gets full, I throw away the bag and replace it with a new one. If I take out the trash in the bathroom, Tim will disregard the fact I haven’t gotten around to replacing it with a new bag yet and he’ll throw his snotty Kleenex in the garbage with no bag. SMH.

3. He doesn’t use lotion on his body. Seriously, this is so weird to me especially because he complains how dry his skin is all the time. No lie, he will take his black jeans off and pride himself on how much dusty, dead skin cells go flying everywhere. Gross, I know. This is why I’m constantly vacuuming the house.

4. He throws empty water bottles in the backseat. This drives me crazy because I love cleanliness. He will literally throw his empty water bottle in the backseat when he wants to dispose of it. There could be up to 6 empty bottles back there at a time if I didn’t pick them up. I’m positive he only does this now to annoy me.

5. His parallel park is on point. Like every single time! I don’t have to elaborate much on this one. It’s simply just amazing.

6. He’s amazing at killing bugs. I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to any type of bug. I’m sure I have a phobia, that’s how bad it is. Tim will kill any bug or insect without blinking an eye. One time there was the most MASSIVE water bug in our bathroom and I sobbed instantly, took off all my clothes, and went into the other bathroom to wash every inch of my body. I was so grossed out!! Tim just grabbed paper towel and disposed of the creature. I remember him saying that was the one time he was high key grossed out from a bug, haha. If he wasn’t home I probably would have called 9-1-1 (totally joking, but that’s how serious I felt it was).

7. Drives on empty. I haaaaaaate when he drives in the red zone. It makes me soooo nervous!!! Not to mention it’s just all around bad for the car’s fuel system (from what I’ve been told).  It truly just doesn’t make sense to me, especially living in LA! You could be stuck in traffic for hours! I can’t understand why this is a choice of his.

8. He loves popcorn.  Like he looooooooves popcorn and can finish a massive bag in minutes whether at home, movies, Disneyland, airpots, malls, anywhere! When we go to the movies we share a big popcorn and I pour a little bit in a smaller bag for myself (cause I like seasoning). There’s zero chance of me filling up my bag from his bag because it’s basically gone before the movie starts. I don’t mind though, cause then I don’t eat as much popcorn haha.

9. Leftover Master. When we have a bunch of left overs in the fridge, it is his mission to combine them all into some elaborate dish. And not gonna lie, a lot of the times I’m pretty impressed. Especially because he hardly cooks, but he enjoys making meals out of leftovers. Probably because everything is already cooked, so the hard work is done- haha.

10. He forgets and/or mixes up dates/times constantly. Anyone that knows Tim, knows this is true about him. It’s amazing how often he misreads information and it drives me crazy because I’m so organized. Like the other day I drove him to the airport and he told me to drop him off at a completely different terminal than where he needed to be. So he walked all the way across the parking lot with all his bags to get to the correct terminal that was boarding like, soon. The visual makes me laugh.  There are so many other instances that I can’t remember, but it is very typical Tim. And he somehow manages to get through life just swimmingly.

I could go on and on about all his weird little quirks and habits, but I’ll leave those for a rainy day. He may be unorganized and drive me crazy a lot of the time, but he’s pretty perfect for me. He is one of the most patient, laid back, and hilarious souls I have ever met and I am learning to not take (certain) things so seriously and not get stressed out so easily. He truly balances me just as much as I think I balance him. I am grateful and blessed to spend yet another year of my days with his.

Happy Birthday, babe. The best years are yet to come!