Meet Our Wedding Planner

Now that Tim and I have been engaged for a couple of months, our wedding plans are in full swing. One of the first things I did was buy a couple wedding books. This was very necessary because, well… I’ve never planned a wedding before and I thought, “Where the eff do I start?!” I bought 2 books that I highly recommend: 1) The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer and 2) The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings.

These books are incredibly detailed and full of endless information. After reading through a few chapters, my sticky notes were quickly adding up and it was at that moment that I realized, I need a wedding planner. Let me tell you why.

  1. I do not live in LA. I’ve always wanted our wedding to be in LA and even though I’m there frequently, I don’t want my LA visits to be consumed with wedding things 24/7. Because at the end of the day, Tim and I only see each other 1 week a month (ish) and that’s our quality bonding time. We can’t bond if I’m stressed! And trust me, I know myself and I would definitely be stressed planning a destination wedding.
  2. I don’t know the LA wedding market. Planning a wedding in my (small) city versus LA are two totally different things. I’d like to have a professional on my side to help me with the big decisions all the way down to the tiny details.
  3. I work beyond full time. My work schedule doesn’t allow me to be on my phone/laptop whenever I please, so trying to make phone calls or answer e-mails during working hours sounds like hell. It’s hard enough replying to regular blog e-mails weekly! All of this just sounds like more stress to me.  No thanks!

Now maybe you’re thinking, well Tim lives in LA and he always has access to his phone/laptop to make arrangements, why can’t he help with the plans? Well, Tim is busy too! He has his own crazy schedule and he travels all the time. At the end of the day, we both want to enjoy this process and not make every second about the wedding. For the record, Tim has been great with our planning process. He is super helpful and thank goodness he lives in LA because it makes things certain things way easier for us. For example: meeting our wedding planner.

I got some great wedding planner recommendations after I posted this on Instagram. Thank you to all that commented! The internet can be a beautiful thing.

I narrowed down the search, sent a few e-mails, had a few phone conversations and asked Tim to set up meetings to meet the planners in person. This is where Tim living in LA came in handy-yay! After he met a few planners, we made our decision within a week. We both felt very strongly for one wedding planner in particular, Holly Gray. I was so glad we agreed on the same person because let’s be real, a full time wedding planner will be extremely involved in your life leading up to the wedding. So this decision was an important one!

Holly is adorable, bold, hilarious, organized, and insanely experienced. Oh, and her Instagram feed screams FUN, seriously. She has been such an incredible addition to our wedding process and I’m so glad she has agreed to take all my worry and stress and turn it into a goddamn fairy tale. Props to Holly Gray!

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