Mom Life: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

If you’re a person with children then you know the importance of staying organized and being efficient. As a parent we can only do so much and remember so many things at once. Here are 4 items that make motherhood easier. (Note: If you haven’t checked out my reel on Instagram featuring these items, check it out!)

The Brezza Sterilizer

This sterilizer is the ultimate goat for sterilizing multiple things at once. It has plenty of space for bottles, bottle parts, soothers, small toys, etc. It’s constantly running in our house and does a wonderful job at fully drying the items. Be sure to descale regularly (once a month minimum) to ensure it’s working in tip top condition every time. Highly recommend!


Sew Tech Thread Rack

The ultimate mom hack! A friend of mine recommended this to me and it is a total game changer. Yes it’s true this is a sew rack used to store thread, but use it to organize bottles, pump parts, nose suckers, medication syringes, etc. I added a few containers on the side to store lids, soothers and duck bills for flanges. There is something very satisfying when I see all my supplies sterilized, dried, and ready-to-go for the day and night.


Pill Organizer

I like to keep my supplements/vitamins organized so I know exactly what I’ve taken (or haven’t taken) per day. This organizer is a good size and the colors make me happy!


Talli Device/App

I wish I had known about this with my first baby. Talli is an app used to log feeds, poops, pees, pumping, etc. It also comes with a handheld device that allows for easy logging with the touch of a button. The device can be mounted or kept wherever you spend most of your time with baby. Gone are the days of me trying to keep track of everything in my head or writing it down. Staying organized has never been easier!