Pregnancy Announcement

Welcome to our pregnancy announcement. Yes, you read that right, we are having a baby! Tim and I decided to keep this news to ourselves (and family) for the first trimester. It was so nice being able to enjoy this little (big) secret of ours for the first few months.

Warning: If pregnancy is a trigger or a sensitive subject for you, please stop reading now. I will continue to share my experiences throughout my Pregnancy Blog Series and encourage you to turn to my other non-pregnancy related posts for your reading pleasure.

But now that some of you have noticed I haven’t been in the vlogs as much, or I haven’t been posting on Instagram as often, or the real observant ones that noticed my nails haven’t painted in weeks, it’s time to share this news with you!

I am so excited to be on this new journey and I will be sharing all the pregnancy things for those who are interested. Don’t worry, my blog will still feature some of my favorite things like hair and nails, but you’ll also find the pregnancy blogs under my “Life” category.

Of course we will be sharing content on our Tim & Chia vlog channel so be sure to subscribe so you never miss a video! We can’t wait to explore this new chapter with you all the way from the beginning, but for now here’s our official first vlog sharing the news with our family and close friends =)

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and seek recommendations/approvals from my doctor for all pregnancy related issues/concerns. If you are pregnant, DO NOT use my approvals as your own. Always consult with your own doctor as every pregnancy is different.