Time for Saje!

Not only do I love sharing fashion and beauty tips with you guys, but I also love sharing accessories I have in my home. I recently brought home a new clock from Saje Natural Wellness. But not only is it a clock…it doubles as an essential oil diffuser that doubles as two diffusers. Sounds amazingly confusing right? Let me explain the goodness.

Typically a diffuser will diffuse one oil at a time, but not the aromaTime from Saje. It has a DOUBLE tank (East and West) that allows your 2 favorite essential oils to diffuse up to 6 hours. Fill the East tank with an uplifting/ energizing blend to wake you up in the morning- I like to use Liquid Sunshine or Energy. Then fill the West tank with a calming/ soothing blend to encourage a peaceful night of sleep- I like to use Tranquility or Stress Release.

It's Saje Time

Now comes the tricky part, choosing your oils. If you’ve ever visited the store, the essentail oil selection is endless. I could spend hours in there at a time just smelling and wanting everything. Luckily for us, Saje has put together many “Diffuser Blend” collections that combine several oils in one easy purchase for your aromaTime. If you’re buying individual oils, double check to make sure they can be used in your diffuser. Not all Saje oils can be diffused. Well they technically can, but it may ruin your diffuser or aromaTime. If you are shopping online, scroll to the bottom of the page to see if the “diffuse” icon is visible, if not, then find a different oil. Or simply shop their “Diffuser Blend Collections” category to make it easier for yourself.

To make things even better, the aromaTime has a timer that you can set so that your East and West tanks start diffusing at specific times. I have mine set up so that my East starts 1 hour before I wake up and West starts an hour before I crawl into bed. I truly believe waking and resting to the smell of essential oils sets the tone for your day and night.

You can shop the aromaTime diffuser here for yourself or for someone you know that would love it as a Christmas gift!

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