Cutest Valentine’s Gift Ever!

Last year I did a Valentine’s post with some cute, personal, and wallet friendly gift ideas that you could surprise your honey buns with. If you haven’t read that post, check it out here. I wanted to add one more (adorable) gift idea to the list inspired by my boyfriend, Tim. He totally caught me off guard when I opened up my front door and found a package with my name on it.

I was so unbelievably impressed that my babe surprised me with a shit ton of personalized M&M’s with a couple insiders that we say all the time printed on them. I think I was all in the feels too because Tim was already in Thailand (watch this Thailand shenanigans below!) when my package arrived. That means that he actually had to plan. Now some of you may not realize the importance of that, because he is late more times than not (LOL). Soorrrryy babe, I love you!


I now have an insane amount of M&M’s to last me a lifetime, but there are several other size and (super cute) packaging options. Check it out hereThis is such a great gift for any special occasion, or even just to say “I love you” and let your loved one know that you’re thinking about them. You can come up with your own sayings to make it truly unique, but keep it short because there’s not a ton of room. They are M&M’s after all!



Click here to get started with your personalized gift, or Pin this post and save it for future reference. Thanks to Tim for inspiring this post, it was too cute to not share!


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