Happy New Year- 2018!!

Hello 2018! Another new year in the books- woooot! It’s always crazy to think how fast an entire year goes by. So much has happened, yet it feels like January 2017 was only a few weeks ago. I wanted to reflect on some of my memorable moments of 2017 as that chapter ends and another one opens. Here are my top 10 favorite moments from 2017:

  1. January 2017- My blog turned 1. Starting a blog was something I never thought I’d do and to my surprise, it quickly became a passion of mine. Just Peachy has been such an exciting, scary, frustrating, overwhelming, and rewarding venture. Thank you to Brandon from Strat Lab that designed my site and continues to handles the back end of Just Peachy. Thank you to my graphic designer, Eddy, who puts up with my lack of Photoshop knowledge. He has edited plenty of my photos and continues to create graphics for Just Peachy. Like my incredible feature photo, that’s all Eddy! I love you guys! Thank you to my fiancé Tim, for taking several of my photos and dealing with my perfectionism. I can be incredibly particular and very stubborn (hehe) when it comes to my photos.  I am so grateful that my readers have supported and followed me along this journey. Thank you to all the brands I’ve partnered with this year, you are all amazing! I truly love this outlet and as long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Thank you for another peachy year, my loves!
  2. February 2017- Valentine’s Day- For this Valentine’s Day, Tim got me the cutest gift. He was in Thailand at the time and he surprised me with personalized M&M’S sent right to my door. I thought that was the sweetest thing, ever! He never ceases to make me feel special even when he’s on the other side of the world. I am such a lucky girl! Read that post here <3.
  3. May 2017- I launched merch- Oh my god this was terrifying. I had no idea how my Just Peachy hats would sell, but they sold out in less than a week! This first launch motivates and inspires me to create more merch for you in the future- stay tuned! I hope you cuties, are still loving your Just Peachy hats!new year
  4. June 2017- My mom had 2 surgeries- My dear momma had two surgeries and without going into too much detail, she is living her BEST LIFE! Having a health scare will quickly make you realize what’s important in life, so be sure to listen to your body and stay on top of your health!!
  5. July 2017- Tim proposed- This was such an incredible moment! Tim pulled off the most romantic proposal and had me crying all night at how special he made me feel. Having my family there was more than I could’ve asked for and I’m so lucky and forever grateful that Tim is in my life. Thank you to everyone involved in surprising me in this life changing moment. To re-live the proposal, watch the video below!
  6. August 2017 – Surprise engagment party- My BFF, Ida, threw me the best surprise engagement party ever. I was surrounded by all the people I love the most. These women are staples in my life and keep me incredibly grounded. I was feeling so special and loved this night. Thank you.
  7. October 2017- I continue to run my esthetics business- 2017 marks 7 years that I have been my own #girlboss. Being self employed takes discipline and hard work. There is no one else to rely on but yourself, but dammit it’s the best!! Thank you to my incredibly loyal clients that continue to support my business over the years. I love sharing my days with you!
  8. October 2017- We met with an immigration lawyer- Shit got real. After meeting with an immigration lawyer, we started our paper work to move me to LA. This is the first time we both realized, “Holy shit! This is serious and actually happening!” Of course, we’ve both been waiting for the day to live together, but after being long distance for so long it just seemed surreal in that moment at the lawyers office. This is a change we are both ready for and can’t wait to fill you in on the journey!
  9. November 2017- I found my wedding dress– I can’t wait to share more info with you guys, but I said “Yes, to the dress!!” This was such a fun experience with my close family members and I felt like a total princess all day =).
  10. December 2017- I proposed to my bridesmaids- This is huge. I chose my sister, 2 cousins, and BFF Ida to stand beside me on my special day. I have the best woman in my life- I love you all! Read the full details about how I put together my proposal packages here!

Oh, 2018…you will go by quick with all the things I have planned for you and I simply cannot WAIT!!! This year is gonna be a good one!

What was the highlight of your 2017?