Gelish: Matadora Collection

I can’t express how much I love a dark nail in Fall. Especially since my Summer nails are always bright and neon, the change is refreshing! Fall has been in full swung, with Winter right around the corner. Which means my nail selection will mostly (if not entirely) be dark shades until Spring.

Gelish released a Spain inspired Fall collection called, Matadora. This collection features 6 new shades: a shimmery navy, dark plum, oxblood red, bright red, mauve, and a metallic white. 


My favorite color in this collection is the dark plum, ‘Danced in Sang-ria‘. I applied 3 coats for full coverage and this baby was almost looking black (see feature photo). I LOVE IT. I’ve also been loving the oxblood red called, ‘All Tango’d Up‘. Unlike the other red in the collection, this one is deeper and richer- truly beautiful! The brighter red is called ‘Don’t Break My Corazon‘ and it’s a twist on the Classic Red that we all know and love. It’s a verrryy sexy color- oh baby!

The navy shade called, ‘Olé My Way‘, has a shimmer finish. Even though I prefer my colors to have a matte finish, I went ahead and rocked this color for 2.5 weeks and quite liked it! I actually didn’t notice the shimmer too much on this color because it’s a darker shade. Great choice for the navy lovers.

Now let’s get into the neutrals. I love the color ‘Mauve Your Feet‘, it’s a beautiful mauve with a matte finish (oh yaaa!). It breaks up the vibrant shades in this collection when your nails are craving a more subtle look.

Lastly, the metallic white called, ‘I’m Drawing A Blanco‘ reminds me of pearls. It’s soft, delicate, and looks great not only as a full nail, but as a french mani too. This could be a good color choice for any Fall/Winter brides- very romantic!

For the last 8 years I have always worn gel polish vs regular polish on my nails for a couple of reasons. 1. My nails are weak and need the gel for strength. 2. Being a nail tech, means I use nail polish remover all day long and I would hate for my polish to be ruined daily. But for those of you who prefer regular polish, Gelish’s sister brand, Morgan Taylor has the same Matadora collection made just for you!



Which color is your favorite?


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