Vlogs: Life, Marriage, and Moving

Hey guys! Long time no talk. I have absolutely been MIA and I haven’t posted in quite some time. Life is getting a little busy these days and I’m totally falling behind with Just Peachy. I’ve been making more trips to LA to plan our wedding with our wedding planner, Holly Gray.

Let me just say…we could not have organized a wedding without our planner. With Tim and I working long hours and days, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer for hours and do research. As exciting as the wedding planning has been, I am happy to not do the tedious work. Holly does all the heavy work, so Tim and I can make the fun decisions. Thanks Holly Gray, you are a fallen angel and I appreciate you so much!

On top of all the wedding craziness, the moving process has officially started. We met with an immigration lawyer to fill us in on all the legal mumbo jumbo. We constantly get messages like, “How come Chia hasn’t moved yet!?” Well…it’s not as easy as just picking up and moving. Even though I’ll be moving to California, it’s still an entirely different country for me. It’s a long process that requires patience and money. My life will certainly be changing very soon, and I’m finally ready to take that step- woot!

If there’s one thing Tim and I are good at…it’s timing. We’ve never rushed into anything whether it was becoming an official couple, getting engaged, or seeing an immigration lawyer. We like to go with the flow and let things happen as they happen. It’s truly the best way to live life. Don’t you think?

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Feature Photo: @sknnykrs