The Big Chop: Natural Hair Journey

It’s finally here, my big chop video! And I’m so excited to share my hair journey with you guys because I know a lot of you are on yours! I love that social media has such an amazing natural hair community that allows us to share ideas, products, and encourage each other to embrace our natural hair. There’s so much inspiration everywhere!

It’s been well over a year since I started transitioning my hair and it all led to this moment right here- the big chop. Click here to know why I started relaxing my hair to begin with.  Was I nervous to cut my hair? Hell ya. Truthfully, I was more excited than nervous and I was totally ready for a change. One major factor that eased my rollercoaster of emotions, was Curly Hair Daze. The curl queen herself that has shaped the hair (and hearts) of several natural haired beauties. For a back story on how I stumbled across her IG and fell in love with her work, click here.


The Big Chop and starting my natural hair journey

After my hair appointment, I loved it all. The cut, the shape, the pintura highlights, I loved it all and I still love it all! But full transparency here, this is such a learning process. I am learning what my natural hair likes and what it doesn’t. I’m experimenting with all sorts of product combinations and routines.

Have I completely messed up a Wash and Go style by not adding enough or too much product? YUP. Have I spent hours (literally hours) caressing each strand trying to understand why some areas are tighter than others? YUP.

It’s quite intriguing that every time I wash my hair, the curl pattern is changing. Curly Hair Daze told me my hair will slowly start to find it’s “curl friends” as time goes on. Meaning the curls will start to cluster together and encourage each other to flourish! She was right. The first wash after my big chop, I noticed a change immediately. I continue to notice the change. What an interesting thing to witness on my own head! The thought of what my natural curl pattern could look like in a year from now, excites my every cell.

I am being patient, enjoying the journey and don’t have an ounce of regret in me.

Cheers to the natural hair journey!

Where are you on yours?