Light Cured Polish: Removal

My least favorite part about doing my nails: the removal and prep. I’ve never enjoyed it, but it is honestly THE most important part when it comes to a light cured polish application. If you aren’t familiar with how light cured polish is typically removed, it goes a little something like this.

  1. Lightly buff the nail to rough the surface
  2. Dip a piece of cotton in acetone
  3. Place it on the nail
  4. Wrap in foil (5-8 minutes to allow it to penetrate)
  5. Continue with prep (filing, buffing, trimming cuticles, etc.)
  6. Finish with polish

Watch it here:

After sufficient time soaking with acetone follow these steps:

1. Gently scrape the polish off

I use a cuticle pusher to get the rest of the loosened polish off. Please know that this should be easy. If you’re having difficultly, chances the initial buffing wasn’t thorough enough. That, or more time is needed for soaking. Do not be aggressive during this step. You could damage those beautiful nails, which is NOT GOOD.

I repeat, do not be aggressive!!

This goes all the way back to Step 1: Buff the nail. The more thorough you are with step 1, the easier it will be to remove the polish.

2. File and buff

I’m using a 100/100 file and a 100/180 buff to shape and smooth the nail.

3. Push back cuticles

With my e-file I use a sharper bit to gently push back my cuticles.

4. Remove/cut cuticles

This is my favorite part of the removal process. I love getting right in there with my cuticle nippers to cut those damn cuticles off -very carefully, of course. This will ultimately give you that beautiful smooth edge to follow once it’s time to polish.

Wipe with alcohol or acetone and it’s polish time.

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