1st Year: Natural Hair Journey

My natural hair journey started almost a year ago and it’s been quite the ride. Curly Hair Daze did my big chop (June 2019) and she told me it would still be weeks, even months, until I would start to see my true curl pattern. And she was right.

After a few washes with my new hair, I could slowly see how it was changing. My curls and coils were starting to clump together (I have 2 textures) and my hair was slowly starting to look more defined. Once I was rocking my natural hair, I was like, “What the hell do I do now!?”. I still didn’t really know how to manage it.

The transitioning phase required a lot of patience (for me personally) and this was true even after my big chop. The journey of finding products that worked well with my hair (and with each other) was exhausting, but I tried to look at it like it was a process of elimination. Like I was one step closer to finding my magic combo. I had several, and I mean several, failed wash days, failed twist outs, and failed wash and go’s. This was trial and error at it’s finest.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a product combo that gave me the results I was looking for. Finally, light at the end of the tunnel! I started experimenting with As I Am products and did a twist out that I loved (also used foam by Jane Carter Solution) and a wash and go that I loved.

Twist Out Products:
  1. As I Am Leave In Conditioner
  2. As I Am DoubleButter Cream
  3. Jane Carter Solution Twist Out Foam


Wash And Go Products:
  1. As I Am Leave In Conditioner 
  2. As I Am DoubleButter Cream
  3. As I Am Curly Jelly

This wash and go started off defined and after a few days the curls kept getting softer and softer.

Embracing my natural hair has been such an empowering and amazing journey for me. I encourage all my readers who are on their own natural hair journeys to find joy in the process. Because the end result will be absolutely beautiful =).

What are your current product obsessions?