Anti Theft Backpack

Nothing ruins your mood quicker than dealing with theft. Whether it’s big or small, while travelling or during your regular day-to-day routine, it just sucks. I came across this amazing anti-theft backpack online and ordered it within minutes. I thought I would use it solely for travelling, but I find myself using it regularly. Introducing the Pacsafe Anti-Theft Backpack.

Cut Resistant

This backpack is equipped with stainless steel mesh to prevent a quick slash-and-run incident. It is lined in-between the layers of material so you don’t see it from the outside or the inside of the bag. Not only is the backpack itself protected with wire, so are the straps.

Zipper Security

The main compartment zipper interlock with each other once fully closed. Not only that, once clasped, the zippers can then be fastened onto another locking device for extra security. The smaller compartment zipper (on the front of the bag) has a zipper tab that holds it in place. Making it difficult for the bag to be opened by a stranger.

Turn/Lock Hook

The strap of the backpack has a turn and lock device that allows you to secure your bag to a fixed object. Kinda like locking up your bike to a post. Just make sure that the object is fixed and cannot be easily manipulated. For example, if you’re eating out with tables bolted to the ground, secure your backpack to that. As opposed to a loose chair that can easily be taken.

RFID-Safe Technology

Radio Frequency Identification or RDIF is technology that possibly allows your credit card number (amongst other personal info) to be scanned via frequency from a reading device. The Pacsafe backpack contains material that blocks frequencies, keeping your card and passport information safe. I’m not an expert in this area, but all this sounds good to me!

With all these safety features, I’m so glad that this backpack is still aesthetically pleasing and practical. It is very spacious and allows for an 13” laptop, which is important for me. Another feature I love is a simple one; the slot in the back that allows it to be secured to a carry-on luggage while travelling.

There are lots of styles to choose from including backpacks, side bags, totes, purses and more. This has been such a great purchase for me and can definitely see it lasting for years. I may have to add another style to my collection because it’s just so freaking cute…and obviously helps to keep my things safe.

Check out more on Amazon or a few that I’ve linked below.

Stay safe out there!