Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Let’s talk about it. Laser hair removal. I’ve gotten a plethora of questions about whether or not I’ve tried laser hair removal. Followed by, “Does it hurt?” and “Does it actually work?” Now, keep in mind everyone’s experience will vary, and this post will be based off my own treatments. So let’s get to it.

Yes, I have had laser hair removal treatments on 3 body parts; Brazilian, underarms, and face. Does it hurt? In my opinion…hell, yes. I have mentioned in prior posts that my pain tolerance is very low, so the pain level (for me) is pretty high, regardless of the area being treated. I used a numbing cream (recommended to me) for all of my treatments and I’ll talk about that a little later.

Now what does it feel like? Well, even though I was numbed, I could still feel the sensation in certain areas. It feels like a snapping rubber band with some heat added to it. Sometimes it would feel a hot needle piercing my skin for a quick second. But in my opinion, it was the longest second of my life. Props to those that can tolerate it without numbing. I don’t know how it’s possible! If you know your pain tolerance is low, inquire about numbing cream with your specialist.


I’ve had 5 treatments on my Brazilian and I have significantly less hair as the treatments have progressed (like…almost nothing). When I say Brazilian, I don’t mean bikini. I’ve treated every little nook and cranny down there and let me tell you… it is LIFE changing. For those of you who don’t want all the hair removed, that is do-able! You can choose to leave a little hair up top like a landing strip or a martini glass (triangle) shape all while being nice and clean underneath (yes even your butt). Talk to your specialist about the different options available to you.

I am probably due for a little touch up appointment because I can see one or two hairs trying to sprout, but overall my results have been drastic. The amount of treatments will vary per person and this will be determined by your specialist.

Remember: There’s no need to feel uncomfortable about bearing it all with your laser tech. Speaking as a professional, this is our JOB. I provide waxing services for my clients on a very regular basis and whether I’m doing an eyebrow wax or a Brazilian wax, it is all the same to (us) the professional. This is what we DO! We are all women, and we all want the same thing; to be groomed to perfection! Am I right? One more tip: The more comfortable you are at your treatment, the better your results will be. Trust your specialist and just breathe!


Similar to my Brazilian, I’ve had 5 treatments on my underarms and they are as smooth as a baby’s butt! I am SO glad I treated this area because there’s nothing worse than trying to grow out your hair to be waxed (especially in the summer), or the shadow, irritation, and tiny ingrown hair(s) from shaving.

I cannot put enough emphasis on how much I love have smooth underarms 24/7. It may sound silly, but it has made my life so much easier. I truthfully could not have had better results and now I am worry-free! It is SO worth the investment (and pain)!

Laser Hair Removal


Let me explain this one. When I say “face” I don’t mean my entire face. I mean that fuzzy side burn hair that creates a shadow when I apply makeup. Some people have absolutely no facial hair and I am forever envious. I, on the other hand, have to pay for that silky smoothness.

This is a newer area of treatment for me and to be honest, I was a little nervous treating it because like anything, there are side effects; like scarring (eeeeek). However, I truly trust my specialist and the knowledge that comes with many years of experience. This is why we pay the big bucks to people who know what they’re doing!

I’ve only had 3 treatments on my face and the amount of hair has reduced a ton! My skin is smoother, softer, and makeup glides on like melted butter- oh, baby!


Laser Hair Remova

Regardless of the area being treated, I was advised to use numbing cream (because I’m weak, remember?) In Canada, numbing cream is available at drugstores without needing a prescription. Simply ask the pharmacist and they will show you the different size options. I always get the larger tube because I know I’m going to use it all eventually. I’m not too sure about purchasing numbing cream in the U.S. So be sure to consult with a laser hair removal specialist and they can offer you guidance about pain management.  Once obtaining your numbing cream, be sure to follow the instructions your specialist as laid out for you regarding application and processing time. This will ensure your appointment can be as comfortable as possible.

At the end of the day, laser hair removal is painful, and yes it’s expensive, but it’s an investment for long term results. My treated areas have never looked better or have felt more smooth. I am obsessed with laser hair removal and I’d love to carry on to do larger areas like arms, legs, and who knows what else. I’ll just keep going until I only have eyebrows and the hair on my head left =)!

I know this post is already lengthy, so if you have any specific questions, leave them below and I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge! Or send me an e-mail to to maintain confidentiality. I’d love to hear from you!

This post is based off my own treatments and experiences. I am not speaking for anyone else and if you have any specific questions about treatment for YOU, please send me an e-mail and I can pass along my recommendation for laser hair removal locations I have used personally and you can set up a consultation with a professional.

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