Migraines are completely debilitating and the more I talk about mine, the more I’m learning how many people are effected by them (a lot!). Of course everyone has their own triggers because we are all different, but two things seem for certain once a migraine has hit; darkness and silence are a must. Aside from taking a pill and wanting to crawl into a black hole waiting for the pain to pass, I discovered a few things that help me cope with the dreaded migraine once it attacks. 

Peppermint Oil

A total staple in my essential oil collection, rubbing peppermint along my hair line, neck, temples and feet help tremendously. One thing I started doing is oiling my scalp with a mixture of olive oil and peppermint.  Even though it’s so hard to sit up and physically get out of bed, I will section my hair in quarters and really focus on massaging the minty oily into my scalp. Having someone massage my head during a migraine attack is even better.  This might sound weird, but pulling my hair tight at the root relieves so much pressure inside my head… somehow. 

Another one of my favorite oil blends is Peppermint Halo from Saje. In addition to peppermint, it also has lavender, and rosemary. I truly never leave the house without this blend- it is a MUST HAVE for me. I cannot tell you how many times it has saved me!

I’ll also make myself a peppermint (or ginger) tea and ingest all the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of peppermint. Staying hydrated is extremely helpful for me when I’m in migraine pain.


Hot Feet/Cold Head

I came across this remedy on Pinterest and it suggested putting your feet in hot water and ice packs on your head/neck at the same time. I was curious to try this out during my next migraine, but believe me I was not counting down the days. One glorious day, a migraine hit and I tried this out and it definitely helped! It didn’t completely take away my pain, but it definitely offered some comfort. 

From what I’ve read, the whole idea of this combo is to help draw the blood away from the head. I am certainly not a doctor, but this trick helps reduce my throbbing pain. Using ice packs in general all over my head and neck have served me well, time and time again. 

Eat Something Spicy

This one can be tricky to do, especially if I’m feeling nauseas, but eating spicy foods can interfere with pain receptors. I like to make spicy ramen noodles/broth and pray it stays in my tummy. I’ve definitely had migraines that have made me vomit, so eating is the last thing on my mind. But if my stomach can handle some food, I will opt for spicy ramen/broth.

I would much rather not have to do any these remedies and abolish migraines in the first place, but sometimes triggers are hard to avoid. One of my triggers is scent and I do the best I can to not be around certain smells, but it can happen so fast. All it takes is walking by someone with the “wrong” perfume and I am down and out for 2 days- sucks! 

Neck tension is another huuuuge trigger for me, so stretching and monthly massages are veryyyy important for prevention.

What are some of your remedies to manage migraines? We all just tryna live a migraine free life, you know?!