Most Used Baby Items Over $100

I did a post titled,  “My Most Used Baby Items Under $100”, this post shares items over $100 that we’ve used from birth! Which makes me smile because let’s be honest, it seems like we are constantly buying new things for our cuties.

Lovevery Play Kits + Gym

Lovevery’s subscription boxes or “play kits” are filled with toys and items specific to baby’s age. For example: ‘The Looker Play Kit” Months 0-3  include ‘High Contrast Images’ as baby’s eyesight develops vs “The Explorer Play Kit” Months 9-10 includes the ‘Montessori Egg’ which works on concentration. They did all the homework for us and our little one absolutely loves her toys and gets excited every time a new one is introduced.

The Play Gym is also a hit! This award winning play mat has all the things baby finds fascinating in their first year of life. It’s filled with colors, sounds, texture, and can even turn into a fort! For a full list of everything that is included click here!

Fisher Price Swing

Our Fisher Price Swing gets used constantly. It comes in a variety of speeds, has sounds, a reflective mirror that baby can look up at for hours. Our baby loves to chill here for play time and a little nap time. It also has the option of being plugged in or battery operated if you aren’t close to an outlet #hatecords.

But beware, this beauty has a wide stance and can take up quite a bit of space. If you have an area to accommodate it, this swing does not disappoint. If space is limited, you might want to check out something with a smaller frame.

Lalo Stroller

Where do I even begin with this beauty? The Daily Stroller is compatible with our Clek carseat (more on that below), comes with a bassinet style attachment that you can use from day 1 and an upright seat for when babe is older. The wheels might be my favorite part; they are shock absorbing that make for one smoooooth ride.

The frame is easy to set up/take down and fits comfortably in our trunk. You can browse all things Lalo here. We also have The Chair for when baby is ready to start solids =)!


I did a whole post about our Snoo, check it out here. Spoiler alert: obsessed!

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

I have to be honest in saying I didn’t do much research into what baby monitor to get. I came across Miku and initially was drawn to how sleek it looked. As I did more research, I was like, “Oh! Okay I love this one!“. It automatically tracks baby’s breathing in the app, which gives me peace of mind as a new parent. There have been 10-12 hour stretches of sleep at night and I panic and think ,”OMG, are you okay little baby?!”

I also love that there’s the option to place it on a floor stand instead of mounting it to the wall. I’m constantly moving furniture around so the stand is definitely the route that I went. However, I appreciate how seamless the wall mounting looks. No loose cords, everything is clean and crisp.

The other thing I will mention is that it does need wifi and a smartphone to be able to monitor. There is no separate monitor you can purchase to check on baby and get alerts. So if wifi is down, the Miku is down.

Which takes me to my next point of only being able to view baby with your smartphone. You have to have the app open to see baby, but the sound stays on if you click out of the app to use your phone for other things.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This little thing has come with us on road trips, upstairs, downstairs, outside, almost everywhere. We really should buy 2 so we don’t have to haul it back and forth. It has 3 recline options to choose from, very easy to wash and takes up minimal room when it’s fully collapsed for storage.

4Moms Breeze Plus Playard

4Moms can do no wrong. This playard is suuuuper easy to set up/take down and it’s very light. You can literally do it with one hand. The changing station is absolute gold while baby can fit in it. And it flips out of the way when not in use so you still have full functionality of the bassinet. I highly recommend buying the Diaper Storage Caddy that attaches to the playard to hold all your changing essentials.

Clek Car Seat

We have the ‘Liing’ by Clek and I love everything about it. The material, the easy installation, and especially the base that comes with a safety metal load leg that reduces crash forces by 40% when in a collision. I feel so confident that our babe is protected and she seems to be pretty comfortable in it, too. Tip: Be sure to buy the “Mat Thingy” to protect your car seat. The baby’s carseat would then rest on top of that.

When we are on the go, this carseat just clips into our Lalo stroller. It’s so seamless and such a perfect duo!

Baby Brezza Sterilizer

This gets used every single day to sterilize bottles, all my pump part, toys, etc. At the touch of a button the Brezza Sterilizer uses natural steam to kill germs and dries everything to perfection in 30 mins.


This lounger comes in handy for setting baby down anywhere around the house. I always feel safe knowing she’s not going to roll anywhere. It comes in two sizes Deluxe (ages 0 months – 8+ months) and Grande (ages 9 months – 36+ months) in a variety of colors and patterns.

When baby starts to show an interest in contrast images, there’s a toy arch that can be secured to the lounger to keep your little one entertained. It’s also super easy to take it on-the-go in the Dockatot travel case or any compatible travel case.

Hatch Baby Changing Pad + Scale

This was absolute gold when we first brought baby home from the hospital. She was a slightly on the smaller side so we weighed her multiple times a week to ensure she was gaining. We also use it as a changing pad and toss on a liner so she doesn’t get cold. This is especially great for those sleepy middle of the night diaper changes.

I’d love to hear what big ticket items you found most useful! Leave your comments and suggestions below =)