Most Used Baby Items Under $100

As parents, we want all the gadgets for our newborns, but what are the things we actually use? Here is my list of 10 items that I use regularly for baby all under $100 (USD).

1. Swaddles

I have swaddles absolutely everywhere; upstairs, downstairs, in every room, diaper bags, you name it! If I don’t have a swaddle near by I feel so lost. Some of my favorites are from Pehr and Aden and Anais. I also love these super absorbent  muslin burp cloths that my doula recommended. They are the perfect size for (you guessed it) burping and cleaning spit up.


2. Pure Enrichment Portable White Noise Machine

This little thing is so great. It’s battery operated and has 15 sounds that include 10 lullabies and 5 nature sounds. You can take it on trips, doctors visits, in the car, anywhere and everywhere! It also lights up in a variety of colors for some added fun.

I packed this in my hospital bag and set it on the “heart beat” sound. It really seemed to soothe our newborn and hoped it made her feel a little more like home.

Shop it here!

3. Baby Wipe Warmer

This one sounds a little extra, doesn’t it? It’s definitely not necessary, but I love it so freakin’ much! So much so, that we have two by Hiccapop . It’s especially great for middle of the night diaper changes when baby is cozy warm and sleepy.


4. Contrast Cards

Since babies are visually stimulated by contrast cards, I keep these all over the house. She is totally engaged whether we are playing together or I have to set her down for a few minutes. These are great to hang over a diaper station and especially helpful for a car ride. Car rides were getting tricky, but since hanging these in her sight she has something to keep her busy =).


5. Storq Diaper Kit

This diaper kit by Storq is an absolute must have! I can fit a few diapers, pack of wipes, balm/ointment and a toy in this compact tote. The best part is it comes with a changing pad that can easily be wiped down and cleaned.  It stays in our diaper bag and I’ve gotten into the habit of restocking the kit as soon as we get home. That way it’s always fully loaded and ready to go whenever we need to head out.


6. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine/Night Light

This white noise machine has a variety of nature sounds and lullabies to choose from. It also acts as a night light that can all be controlled with the app. As baby grows and starts touching everything, rest assured that Hatch Baby stays cool to the touch even if it’s been on all night.

I’ve actually gotten quite used to falling asleep with the “rain” sound. It’s very peaceful!


7. 4Moms Clean Water Tub

I was definitely nervous to give baby her first bath. Not only because they are small and slippery when they are wet, you want to make sure the water temp is comfortable. The 4Moms tub has a built in thermostat so you can get the temperature right every single time.


It doesn’t end there. The newborn insert can be removed to be able to grow with baby without having to get a larger tub. The design of the bathtub also allows clean water to flow into the area where baby is sitting. And dirty water can be easily drained through the side. You can watch a video on how the tub works here.

Bath time has got to be one of my favorite things to do with baby! Check out the tub here =)

8. Pehr Play Mat

The Pehr Play Mat gets dragged all over the house when I put baby down on the floor. First, I love that it’s circular (40″ diameter), reversible, and comes in a variety of patterns. It’s soft, very comfortable and super easy to wash and dry. Whether we are playing on our backs or tummies, it’s just so perfect.

We have the pattern “Happy Days” ! Check out all the patterns here.

P.S. Pehr has the most adorable baskets for storage =).


9. Frida Baby Snot Sucker

This is absolutely my husbands favorite device. It works wonders and somehow our baby seems to enjoy getting boogers sucked out- HA. Rest assured that you aren’t actually sucking boogers into your mouth. There’s a filter there to block anything that comes out of baby’s nose. Easy to use, easy to clean, and very effective!

Here’s a video of us using it on our baby for the first time. I can’t imagine the thoughts running through her mind.

10. Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini

We have a few carriers and this one has been one of my favorites. It’s on the cusp of being under $100, but I had to include it! It’s lightweight, comfortable, soft, and offers great back support. The design makes it easy to strap in and out regardless of what position baby is in. I love that there is head support for when our babe falls asleep.

When it comes time to washing, just toss it in the washer and hang dry.

What are some of your go-to items that you regularly use for baby?

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