My Olaplex Routine

Olaplex has got to be one of my favorite hair brands when I’m reaaaalllyy wanting to give my hair some intense TLC. The brand is dedicated to repairing all sorts of damage on all hair types/textures caused by heat, coloring, brushing, and sun exposure (just to name a few). I’ve been using Olaplex for years and have noticed quite the difference once I started using the products regularly.

Meet the Olaplex products and how often I use them:

N.°0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

Exactly as it says, this is Olaplex’s newest product, an “intensive repair booster” to be used along with N.°3 Hair Perfector. I use this product at least twice a month, sometimes even weekly if I feel like my hair needs it.

N.°1 Bond Multiplier

This product is for professional use only.

N.°2 Bond Perfector

This product is for professional use only.

N.°3 Hair Perfector

This was the very first Olaplex product I purchased and is labelled as their “best seller”. It’s an at home treatment that strengthens hair and reduces breakage. For maximum results I use N.°3 Hair Perfector + N.°0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment bi-weekly, sometimes even weekly.

N.°4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

This shampoo repairs broken bonds, helps with frizz, adds shine, the list could go on and on. It’s gentle enough to be used for every wash day. Whether that is weekly, 3 times a week, or even daily! One of my favorite things about the shampoo is, a little goes a loooooong way. Let me repeat myself, a little goes a LOOOONNNG way! Very bubbly =).

N.°5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

The conditioner has all the same repair and restore properties as the shampoo, but of course creamier and really makes my detangling process a breeze. I go through the conditioner much faster than the shampoo, but what else is new there (haha!).

N.°6 Bond Smoother

Let’s talk about moisture, baby! My hair loves this creamy leave-in. I like using this product with my twist outs, but can be used for any hair style and especially if you plan on blow-drying/diffusing. It leaves my hair hydrated, shiny, and helps to eliminate frizz. I’ll use N.°6 Bond Smoother pretty much after every wash and even layer it with other products so I don’t use too much of it.

N.°7 Bonding Oil

Liquid Gold. This is a reparative oil with UV/heat protecting properties up to 450°F/232°C. I’ve used this product on wet or dry hair and is my go-to oil when I’m taking out a twist/braid out. The shine of it all…the smell of it all…the everything of it all!

Now that we have a breakdown of the complete line up from Olaplex, here is how I apply each product:

Step 1

Section Hair. Apply N.°0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment to dry hair. Saturate and comb through. Leave on for at least 10 minutes to allow full absorption before applying N.°3 Hair Perfector. Do not wash out.

Step 2

Dampen hair with water (if needed). Apply N.°3 Hair Perfector on top of N.°0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment . Saturate and comb through. Leave on for 30-45 minutes.

Step 3

Shampoo and condition hair with N.°4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and N.°5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

Step 4

Section hair and apply N.°6 Bond Smoother to damp hair. Style hair anyway you choose! Incorporate N.°7 Bonding Oil to wet or dry hair.

Step 5

Pat yourself on the back for all the love you just showed your crown =)! I also like to multi task and do an eye mask while I’m treating my hair. Here are the ones I love by Peter Thomas Roth.


Full tutorial below:

For more in depth information on Olaplex including ingredients and a science breakdown on why these products are truly amazing, visit their website here!