Pregnancy: Storq Essentials

The home stretch of pregnancy comes with so many challenges. Being uncomfortable was definitely at the top of my list. Which is why I pretty much lived in my Storq gear. If you aren’t familiar with Storq, they are a brand that are dedicated to “the absolute coziest pieces for pregnancy to nursing to whenever“. That’s a direct quote from their site and I can confirm, it is true!

Here are my favorites that I loved during pregnancy and that I am still loving postpartum.

Signature Leggings

HANDS DOWN my go to leggings for pregnancy. They are lightweight and airy, which was important for me because I had several cases of yeast infections while pregnant (yes, this is a thing that can happen). Keeping my underwear and leggings breathable definitely made me feel more comfortable.

Storq’s Signature Leggings are made with ultra-soft modal jersey fabric and the band can be folded to wear under the belly or pulled up to wear over the belly. They wash perfectly with like colors and hang dry to be just like new!

I have these in 2 sizes (size 1 and 2), have worn them under and above my pregnant belly and still enjoy them after giving birth. They were uhh-mazing to wear home from the hospital. My sensitive and healing lady bits really appreciated the softness.

P.S. Because the material is lightweight, they are a tad bit see through. So if you are looking for squat proof leggings, these are not the ones for you. If you are looking for the ultimate lounging legging that feel as soft as plush teddy bears…these are for you! 5 FRICKEN STARS.

Daily Tank

This extra long tank was the absolute best while my belly was at its’ biggest. Not only is it as soft as can be, it also hugs every curve to help lift and add (much needed) support. As my bump got heavier and more uncomfortable, this tank was everything I needed to keep everything in place, including my growing boobs!

Into postpartum, I am wearing it as much as I did before. This is such a great staple to have in your closet.

Anytime Overalls

Umm…can you say CUTE?! The Anytime Overalls are adorable, comfortable, convenient, and stylish! I wore these a lot throughout my pregnancy, in and outside of the house. Paired with a simple tee or hoodie underneath.

The material is soft and stretchy which makes it super easy to pull down to pee (100 times a day). Oh, and POCKETS! Need I say more?

Nursing Cardigan

I’m a sucker for an oversized (non-itchy) cardigan! This one is more than just a cardigan, it has a button closure at the front that allows for discreet nursing when needed. Let’s be honest, our babes want milk when they want it, and they want it NOW! A bit of privacy is super easy with the design of this cardi. You can also use it to wrap around your babe when you’re wearing him/her for a cozy snuggle.

Add this piece to your pregnancy/postpartum collection in either black, fawn, or heather gray to pair with a variety of outfits. Be sure to check the washing instructions, you don’t want to be throwing this item in the washing machine!

Maternity Luxe Jogger

If the Signature Leggings could be a jogger, it would be these.  Soft, comfortable, versatile, and made to fit through all trimesters. The elastic waist is like a warm hug for your belly whether you are growing your bump or recovering after birth. As much as I would gladly live in leggings 24/7, it’s awesome to have an option that are equally as awesome as leggings, but with a touch of sophistication!

Everyday Bra + Nursing Tank

The softness really doesn’t end and I am here for it! Especially when it comes to bras and nursing. The Everyday Bra is lightweight and has been fantastic for nursing when you don’t want to deal with all the clips. It easily pulls to the side to let baby latch and doesn’t ride up and interrupt a milky session.

If I am going to deal with clips, I choose to do that with The Nursing Tank. Why? Because comfort!! How many times are you going to make me say it? I plan to wear these nursing tanks all the time. I can’t get enough of this material and the beautiful design. Siiiigh, Storq just GETS IT!

Baby Bundle

The most perfect coming home outfit for your babe from the hospital. This bundle comes with a onesie, hat, socks, swaddle, and toy bunny. When you have someone text you and say, “Everything on your registry is gone! What does the baby need?” Drop them this link! It makes for such a great gift that you’re going to love.

Kit Bag

THIS. I keep this in my diaper bag, at all times. This portable kit has everything you need to be ready for a change at any given moment. Stock it full with wipes, diapers, creams, and anything else you need to keep baby fresh! Another great item to be gifted if you are struggling to put things on your registry. You could even double up on this item. It doesn’t hurt to have these stashed throughout the house for convenient changing =).

If you are already a Storq lover, what’s your favorite item?! If you’re new Storq, what’s on your wish list?!