Happy Birthday To Tim!

Today’s post is dedicated to the man who has significantly changed my life. Without him, this blog wouldn’t even exist! So let’s all take a minute to follow him on all his social media accounts and wish him a suuuuper happy birthday!

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To get a background on how Tim has influenced this blog, read my About Me post here. In addition to that, you can get a detailed story of how we met by reading My Love Story post here. Tim truly is a rare soul. Through all his success he has remained incredibly humble and I love that about him. He has amazing support not only from his fans, but also from the close people in his life. His family has always been a priority of his because without them and the struggles they’ve endured to give him a great life, there would be no success. An example of this would be when Tim decided to give his parents a check to pay off their mortgage. A self-less act like that doesn’t even surprise me because Tim’s heart really is made of gold.

Watch the video here. His parent’s reaction will bring a tear to your eye.

He has made our relationship a priority the same way I have and that’s why we work so well as a couple. I get a plethora of questions about how we maintain our long distance relationship and how I deal with his lifestyle. The answer is simple. We are equally committed to each other’s happiness and we both make sure we meet those needs. What people have to realize is long distance takes two dedicated people always working towards the same goal. If one person starts to fall short then chances are your relationship will too. Is Tim’s industry a little crazy at times? Yes, but with constant communication and understanding, he has completely made it easy for me to feel comfortable with his unpredictable lifestyle and that makes him even more special to me.

He’s determined, driven, hilarious, open-minded, generous, and loving. These are only a few reasons why I’m extremely blessed to have him in my life and that’s something to be celebrated.

Cheers to the man who makes every dream a reality. It truly is inspiring.

Happy birthday, my love.

Tim's Birthday

Happy birthday, my love