Botanical Awakenings Gelish Collection

Sigh, Gelish never ceases to amaze me, like foreal. For those of you just tuning into my blog, I am a licensed esthetician and I do a lot (and I mean a lot) of gel colored manicures. One of the brands I prefer to use is Gelish. I love the selection of colors, the easy application, the high shine, and more importantly the long lasting results. The new Gelish Spring 2016 Collection is called, Botanical Awakenings and they’ve hit the nail on the head, again. This collection features 6 new colors and I’m about to break ’em down for you little mamas!

Let’s start with Don’t Pansy Around, the most adorable pink a girl could ask for and I love, love, love the crème finish. It’s fun, bright, and damn right CUTE. This is a perfect color choice for those people wanting to kick the winter blues and pull out an adorable spring sundress! It makes me want to eat cotton candy and ice cream, yummy in my tummy!

This might sound funny, but if Don’t Pansy Around had an older more mature sister, it would be Warm Up the Car-Nation, which is another pink in the Botanical Awakenings collection. This is a warmer tone of pink with a frosty finish. In my opinion this would be a great transition color for those clients stuck in limbo between winter and spring. It can easily be worn on the toes or the nails while still complimenting your wardrobe.

What’s Your Poinsettia? is a red version of Warm-Up the Car-Nation. Very similar in finish with the frosty look and depth. I love this color for the name, too. If the name of a color is on point…settia (see what I did there? No, okay well I thought it was funny), it’s a huge addition to how I feel about the color overall. Does that make sense? If you’ve read my last Gelish post on the Kung Fu Panda collection, you know I’m obsessed with the names of colors. This shade captures the vibrancy of spring flowers poking their heads up from the ground ready to catch some sun and blossom for the season! Yay!

Rose-y Cheeks (the color I’m wearing in my feature photo) introduces us to the softer side of this collection. It’s a pretty pink with a subtle pearl finish and has enough pigment without being obnoxiously bright. It’s cute, feminine and reflects crazy amount of shine once it’s sealed with Gelish’s Top Coat. Taking it down a few notches on the lighter shade spectrum is, I Or-chid You Not. It’s a soft grey-purple, or mauve ,or taupe if you will. People have so many definitions of what a color is so some see lavender undertones, and some see taupe-y brown undertones. Either way, a color like this compliments any outfit and may appear greyer or more purple depending on what you have beside it. I love to pair this color with some fab silver jewelry. A few mini rings and bracelets make this color look flawless, honey!

The last color up on the block is the softest of the entire Botanical Awakenings collection, Prim-rose and Proper. It’s an off-white shade with a touch of pink and gives off elegant vibes. It screams femininity and beauty, just like a picture perfect botanical garden. The name of this color is so accurate in that you feel sophisticated and put together even when you’re rocking a hoodie and some leggings (which is me like always). Read my post about How to Make Your Mani Last for tips on how to keep your manicure looking Beyoncé fine for as long as you can.

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I’m wearing Rose-y Cheeks. What color will you pick for your next mani?