My Love Story

Everyone has a unique love story about how they met “the one”. Let me tell you mine.

It all started in February 2009 when I had the urge to go and visit this local psychic that a couple of my girlfriends had been to. They swore by what he said and were shocked at how much was actually true. So, out of curiosity I went. I told myself I wasn’t gonna give him ANY hints, and I def wasn’t going to take anything he said too seriously. He said a lot of accurate things, detailed descriptions about people in my life and a lot of future possibilities for me. And one of those possibilities involved finding the man I was going to marry. But I wasn’t just going to find him on accident…he was going to be “introduced to me through a friend”.

Psychic: “You have a trip coming up. To California. LA in particular. Have you planned that yet?”

Me: “No.”

Psychic: “You will. That’s where you’ll meet him.”

At that point, I had NEVER been to the United States and I had nooo intentions of ever going. Canada was all I knew. So I kinda thought, “Mehhh, whatever. I’ll see if that even happens.” A few months later I got a text from my friends planning this LA/Vegas trip and asked if I wanted to go. *Insert big eyed shock emoji here*

WTF. The damn psychic was right!! About the trip anyways. Then I get to thinking about this man in shining armour I’m suppose to meet. I didn’t want to expect it and then it not happen, so I tossed the idea out of mind and didn’t think about it again.

So now it’s trip time, and we are on the way to LA. My girlfriend Vanessa mentions that she knows this YouTube guy who lives in LA and he’s gonna stop by and say what’s up. As we wait in the parking lot of this hotel this YouTube guy, Tim, (check out his channel here) and his friend Rick (also a YouTube guy…check out his channel here) show up. Tim, Rick and Vanessa greet each other, and she introduces them to our group of friends.

Now, let me backtrack.

Tim and Vanessa had been YouTube friends for a few years already. By YouTube friends I mean they both had channels and watched each others videos. So, they had a discussion about how cute Tim thought I was. I had nooo idea Tim even knew who I was, and I sure as hell didn’t know who he was. So when we met he had already creeped me on Facebook and I distinctly remember him saying hi to me for the first time and I was like “Oh, hey.” in an uninviting way LOL. In my mind, I was like,” Don’t talk to me, new boy, I have a boyfriend!” New girls are so cold sometimes, aren’t they?! Can’t a boy say hi without thinking they’re hitting on us?! NO. For some reason in our minds they can’t. And I was 20 at the time. Young and silly with no logic behind my thoughts.

To fast forward, after the LA trip, Tim and I became Facebook friends. Don’t ask me why he wanted to be friends with a snobby, terrible first impression girl. Well actually I did know. He thought I was CUTE, regardless if I was snobby or not.


After we became Facebook friends we exchanged a few messages (completely innocent), but that didn’t last long and died out quick. The relationship I was in at the time, ended a few weeks later and because I was single I now had freedom to message whoever I wanted. With saying that, I initiated a convo with Tim, which took him by surprise because the initial conversation ended as quick as it started. From that point on we kept messaging back and forth for weeks. Updating each other on what we were up to. He just started gaining popularity in the YouTube world and travelling for shows, so his life was more exciting than mine. I just kept him up to date with that TV shows I was currently watching. Prison Break to be exact. Tim started to become this funny online companion that I enjoyed talking to. Someone who was always there to message and help pass the time. So message after message I slowly started to think to myself, “Hey! I kinda like this guy.” And I was kinda hoping that he was starting to feel the same way.

After a YEAR of Facebook messaging, it just so happened that we were going to be in Toronto the same weekend (call it fate) and we made plans for me to come check out his show! I dragged my girlfriend with me and it just so happened that her boyfriend was hosting the event Tim was performing at. So, it all ended up working out quite nicely in the end. Tim invited us to the after party and we sipped on free alcohol and danced the night awaaaay (sounds cheesy, but it’s true). Toronto came to an end and I definitely thought, “I LIKE THIS GUY” and guess what?! The feeling was mutual… 😉

Now came the tricky part. I lived in Canada. Tim lived in LA. Neither of us ever had a long distance relationship before, but we were willing to put it to the test. So what did we do?! Said eff it and ignored all odds and hoped it wouldn’t be an issue down the road. We slowly, but surely became frequent flyers.

Eventually, Tim officially asked me to be his girlfriend in the cutest way. As I flew into LAX and came down the escalator to baggage claim, I found him standing there with a bouquet of roses and a sign that said “Chia Habte”. Like one of those drivers that pick you up, you know the kind. As I stared at him in awe he flipped the sign around and it said, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Isn’t that the CUTEST?! We’ve been a couple ever since.

We are now going on 4 years and our relationship consists of planned visits and many many flights. Let me make this very clear. Long distance is not for everybody. It’s a lot of work and it absolutely will test your relationship in ways it normally wouldn’t. We’ve come to appreciate the small things and not think twice about fighting over things that don’t matter. In my heart I knew I had found the one when all the miles in between didn’t mean a thing and realized distance really does make the heart grow fonder.



These are the flowers and sign Tim had for me when he asked me to be his girlfriend as he picked me up from LAX September 2, 2011. Cute, right?


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