It’s My Birthday!

Capricorns, all rise! January 10th marks my birthday, guys! Since I’ve been self employed I made the decision to never work on my birthday. Doesn’t that sound great? There’s a few perks when you work for yourself :)!

I’ve had such an incredible life thus far and I’ve been blessed with so many good things. So, to celebrate I’ve put together 11 memorable moments throughout my life.

1. Getting Peaches (5 years old)- Peaches was my first kitty and I know it sounds silly, but she’s been such a huge inspiration in my life. To find out how she inspired my blog name check out my About Me post. Peaches became a life long loyal companion (20 years), the best cuddle buddy, and filled my life with unconditional love. RIP my baby girl! <3

2. Embracing my curly hair (18 years old)- This is when I realized I am who I am and I no longer cared about what other people said about my “nappy” hair. I was beginning to understand that women come in all colours and they’re beautiful in their ways. *Cue India Arie’s – I Am Not My Hair.* I had this song on repeat during this time of my life. Take a listen and bust out of what’s perceived as “normal” and be you, girl!

3. My first breakup (16 years old)- One of those on/off again relationships of 4 years that left me heartbroken time and time again. Until I realized, “Eff you! I deserve better!”. DEUCES. Know your worth, always.

4. Buying my first Tiffany bracelet (21 years old)- I had just graduated and started my career as an esthetician. I splurged on a Tiffany bracelet to represent independence. I felt empowered and damnit I wanted to treat myself! I also wanted my first expensive piece of jewellery to be from myself and not a man. #independentwoman #treatyoself

5. Getting a credit card (18 years old)- I’m legally an adult and I got my self a credit card. Shopping here we come! A credit card is like free money, right? Wrong. I made a stupid decision and was caught in the middle of a fraudulent transaction 10 minutes after I activated my card. I’ll post this story soon!

6. Moved to a new city (19 years old)- I moved to a new city where I knew no one. I learned how to live on my own and rely on myself to make it to the next day. I had a new appreciation for my friends, family, and had a whole new perspective on life. This truly was an amazing learning experience, and I encourage it. You’d be surprised how much you discover about yourself.

7. My first encounter with drugs (16 years old)- A friend had asked me to smoke weed with her and out of curiosity I said alright. I found myself absolutely hating the feeling of being high. Needless to say, that was the first and last time I ever smoked some shit. Haven’t touched any type of drugs since.

8. Buying a house (24 years old)- This is the biggest purchase I’ve ever made and it’s a huge responsibility. Half the time I don’t know what any of the papers mean so I just sign and nod LOL.

9. Meeting my boyfriend (21 years old)- This relationship has changed my life in so many ways. If it wasn’t for Tim this blog wouldn’t even exist. I’ll just let you read My Love Story post about how we met so I don’t have to constantly get all lovey dovey.

10. First time being drunk (15 years old)- I had half a bottle of Smirnoff Ice at my friends New Years Eve Party. The hangover damaged me for almost a week straight. This is when I realized not being in control of my own body sucks. Even to this day I hate being drunk. I’ll have a few drinks and feel happy, but I do not want to be hungover eveeer.

11. Starting my career as an esthetician (22 years old)- I was fortunate enough to find my passion at a young age and start a business doing something I loved! I spend the majority of everyday choosing nail colours, playing with jewels and coming up with designs. It’s so much fun and I can do it for hours and hours because when you love what you do it’s not work. #socliche #butsotrue

I’m going to stop at 11 because it’s my favourite number. Truth is, every single day is a learning experience and I could go on and on, but I simply don’t have the time (or the memory) to type out 9,855 posts. Cause 27 years X 365 days is 9,855 days. Get it? I did not excel at math so I’m impressed I could even put that equation together.
My 27th birthday gift to myself is this blog. I’m hoping that one of these posts connects with someone somewhere. If even one person finds joy in reading what I have to say then I’m happy. As long as ya’ll keep reading, imma keep writin’.

Cheers to those celebrating January birthdays! Hollaaaa!