Saje Got Me

In my lashes post I briefly talk about how I’m into essential oils so much, my boyfriend thinks I’m into witch magic. Well, I agree with one thing…oils ARE magic! Saje Natural Wellness has unbelievable blends of oils that make so excited I had to share my favorites with you!


Side note, in my Kung Fu Panda nail post (nail polish collection) I said that the name of a polish adds so much character to the color itself (see what I did there?). No? Well Kung Fu Panda is a movie…and Gelish (nail company) created a collection around the characters…of the movie…get it? Okay, well whatever! What was I saying? OH yeah, one thing that Saje does with their blends is give them incredibly attractive names to reel suckers (like me) in. I’m such a weirdo for names so much that if I like it, I’ll buy it without even smelling the damn oil. Great, now I’ve told companies what my weak spot is.

I absolutely have to have two things happening when I’m going to sleep; a fan and my Tranquility oil (relaxing diffuser blend). It has lavender and chamomile amongst other oils and it encourages me to have the best nights sleep eever. I’m absolutely drained by the time my day ends as a self-employed esthetician and the main thing that keeps me going is a solid 9 hour sleep! I put 2 drops into my nebulizer (it’s a diffuser and I’ll talk about this later) that sits on my nightstand and off I go to lala land. 5 stars!

IMG_2295I don’t have very many days off during the week, but when I do I loove to play with Liquid Sunshine (cheerful diffuser blend). If ever I stay home during the day I love to open up my blinds, open the window, and fill the room with the smell of citrus. Liquid Sunshine smells like grapefruit, orange, lime, mandarin, and bergamot. It’s incredibly fresh and clean smelling and is suppose to “life spirits and revive the mind like a sunny day”. 2 drops in my nebulizer with water and that puppy runs all day!

IMG_2285This post could seriously go on and on, but I’m going to talk about one more because I love it so much! It’s called Exhale (cleansing blend) and I incorporate it into my yoga practice at home to cleanse and purify my air. I do hot yoga (read that post here) regularly at a studio, but I also do some at home. Whether it’s a DVD or just my own freestyle flow I love to dim the lights and diffuse 2 drops of Exhale, which smells of (to name a few) ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus and the greatest oil of all, frankincense. Frankincense has amazing benefits that relate to stress, respiratory problems, and skin. This is what they gave baby Jesus back in the day, so you know it’s that good good! Exhale incorporates all these oils into one to help clear the mind, body, and soooul!

Now I’ll tell you about the diffuser I’m obsessed with . It’s called aromaGem Ultrasonic Nebulizer and I have mine in chrome. It looks so friggen cool as decor in my home because it like a shiny, glass teardrop! It will diffuse your oils (diluted in water) for 4 hours max and automatically shuts off when the water has run out. It’s easy to clean, refill, and the best part is it’s silent! Honestly, if this diffuser weren’t a diffuser and just a piece of decor, I’d buy it lol. It’s even more amazing in person!



Browse Saje Natural Wellness (they ship all over Canada and the US) and discover ridiculous amounts of essential oils that you will inevitably become obsessed with and believe me…this post only SKIMMED the surface. Thank you Saje!!

Are you already a voodoo essential oil witch like me?


P.S I totally still have my Christmas tree up because I like it lol. I’m sure you noticed.