How I Organize my Posts

I get a ton of questions on how I manage a blog AND work as a full time esthetician all the time. So this post is about how the eff I do it. The most important thing is organization. This comes pretty easy to me because I’m naturally an organized person. Whether it’s paying bills, scheduling my clients, taking trips, or writing posts. If I’m not organized in my life, I feel like I’m living in chaos and I HATE that feeling. I get flustered, anxious, and I’m instantly in the worst mood ever (ask Tim). My work days are craaayzaaay because they are usually 10-12 hours daily and some weekends. Which means I don’t have a whole lot of free time to write posts. So, this is what I do to ensure I don’t fall behind with Just Peachy.

1) Scheduling. I have a huge calendar and colorful Post Its that I use to schedule my posts. I write the title of my post on a Post It and stick it on the day I want to post it and I do this for the whole month (sometimes two). The best thing about the Post Its is, if for whatever reason I need to reschedule a post, I just move it to a different day that week/month. I find this works way better than writing it with a pen because I avoid crossing out things that just end up looking like a chaotic mess by the end of the month. When my calendar is neat and tidy, so is my brain and I function better that way.


2) Banking Posts. This is the ONLY way I keep my month (or 2) of posts organized and ready to go without falling behind. If I’m in a writing mood I will write, and write, and write until my fingers fall off. I will literally write about anything that pops into my mind. I find inspiration in everything! Sometimes I write up to 4-5 posts at a time, even if I don’t need them and keep them saved for when I do need them. For instance, some of the posts I published in April were written in January, February, or March. I find I can write a lot when I’m travelling because there’s so much down time on flights and layovers. There’s nothing to do but watch movies and eat, so now I toss writing in the mix. =)

3) Scheduling Photos. Now, the tricky part about my full time job is, I’m never available during the day to take properly lit photos for my posts. Natural light is a God, so I always try to take my photos while it’s still light out for best results. The only day I can make this happen is on the weekend, so I look at my calendar and see what post(s) I need photos for and snap away on a Saturday or Sunday. I bank photos the same way I bank posts.

4) Get excited! Let me tell you guys, I looooove Sharpies and Post Its. I’ve seriously collected a bunch for most of my life because I’m obsessed with organization. I love taking a fun Sharpie color and writing on Post Its. When I write on Post Its it means I’m working towards staying organized and I love that feeling.


P.S. I know you guys are going to comment on how I spelt “cheese” wrong. You don’t have to correct me okay? I got carried away with writing fun words and it was the Sharpie’s fault.

Has this post inspired you to start a blog or dust off one you haven’t touched in awhile?