Brittle Nails, SOS!

Let’s chat about those brittle nails and the things that can be done to make them stronger. No need to feel ashamed about your nails, I am totally in the same category. Nails that are strong can handle a lot of abuse, but we aren’t here to talk about those lucky souls, so go away. Just kidding, this post has a lot of good info for you, too.

I often try to relate nails to hair because it’s a little easier to understand. Hair and nails come from the same protein, keratin, so they are kind of similar (heavy on the kind of). There is no way to control our natural hair pattern (without altering it). Whether it’s straight, curly, dry, oily, or frizzy, you search for products that work for your hair type.  Same goes for nails.

Apply Cuticle Oil

If you have brittle nails, you must, must, MUST, always apply cuticle oil to hydrate the nail. This is one of the best products you can use for brittle nails.


It can be something as simple as coconut/olive oil, or you can spend a few dollars and buy a fancy oil. I don’t really care what you use, but for the love of GOD please use something! Dry nails are like dry hair and you would add moisture to your hair when it’s dry, wouldn’t you? So be sure to treat your nails the same.

You’ll want to apply oil on a regular basis with or without having them polished.  I oil my nails at least 3 times a day and I know that sounds excessive, but hey if you want results you’re going to have to work for them! And trust me, oil will help tremendously.

Use A Light Cured Polish

To stop my nails from being a royal pain in my ass,  I apply a light cured polish to help protect and keep them strong (like Gelish in my above and below photos). I also keep my nails quite short. The longer nails are, the easier it will be for them to break. A shorter length works best for me because my natural nails don’t have the strength to be longer. #knowyourlimits

If your manicures are done correctly, a light cured polish can be extremely useful in preventing painful cracks and splits. It’s not going to necessarily transform them to be rock hard, but it will add a layer of protection to prevent breaking.

I happen to know of a few more products that can help with strength. Gelish carries two products to help, VitaRecovery and VitaStrength. These products are light cured and need an LED or UV lamp. It can be used on top of a base and underneath your nail color. Or on top of a base coat on it’s own, sealed with a top gloss leaving your nails with a beautiful clear shine.

Apply a Protein Polish

Another product I recommend is CND RescueRXx. This product contains powerful protein ingredients that should be applied to the natural nail daily for 2 weeks without removing the prior coat. Click here to view their clinically proven results.

With (a lot of) TLC and consistency, you’ll be well on your way to a happier, healthier set of natural nails!

Brittle Nails

Are you someone who has brittle nails? I am!