Brows: Ombré Powdering

Nothing gets passed you guys when it comes to brows. My comments, e-mails, and DM’s have been overflowing with questions about my brows. Well… I got my brows ombré powdered and I’m obsessed! I couldn’t wait to share this post with you to tell you about my experience. Be prepared, it’s a long one. I visited my girl, Richelle, at Brow & Co located inside Blónd Salon and Studio in my hometown Regina, Saskatchewan where she slays brows one babe at a time.

Ombré powdering is one of the newest brow enhancing techniques in the permanent makeup industry. It gives clients the advantage of having fuller looking natural brows in a single appointment. The reason why I wanted to enhance my brows is because they have been thinning over time and I’m slowly loosing hair (ahhh)! I got so sick and tiiiired of having to fill them in every morning just to give my face some shape. You feel me?

The process is simple. I started with a consultation with the brow wiz herself. This appointment is very important because brow shape is discussed and drawn on to give the client a visual. Richelle truly is an expert with an exceptional vision for achieving the most symmetrical brows possible for each face. The goal here is to create a shape that is going to be desired every single day.

The other important factor, is the color. Multiple colors are selected to create a custom shade that will compliment skin tone and hair. Richelle opts to use a worldwide certified brand manufactured in the U.S. called, Permablend Pigments.  A big selling point of this brand is the diverse range of colors, remaining vegan friendly, and no testing on animals.

With extensive measuring and deciding on the final brow shape, the magic begins. The technique is done with a permanent makeup machine and 1 single needle. The needle bounces off the top layer of skin creating tiny dots or speckles. This method differs from micro blading in that the needle does not penetrate deep into the skin. Resulting in little to no scar tissue after the procedure.

It’s also important to note that all equipment and implements are disinfected and sterilized using medical grade cleansers. The needle remains in a sealed sterilized bag and opened in front of the client and disposed of after treatment. Brow & Co’s main priority is to abide by provincial health standards for the client’s health and safety.

First, the brows will be fully outlined. After which, a topical anesthetic is applied. For my OG Just Peachy readers, you all know I have a real low pain tolerance. I’ve said this in earlier posts and more recently in my laser hair removal post. There is a certain level of discomfort that comes along with process (in my opinion). The numbing cream helps to alleviate that feeling and allows you to relax during your appointment. For those that have tattoos, the feeling of the makeup machine might not feel like much in comparison. After the brows are outlined, the filling in process begins.

The “micro speckle” technique allows the artist to leave areas of visible skin in between the dots, which gives the brows a more natural look. If a crisp brow (vs a natural brow) is the goal, then this can be achieved with 2-3 additional appointments. Once the brows are completely filled in they will appear to be very defined and dark. This will not be the final look, so don’t freak out! It’s important to know that the color will slowly fade (2 shades lighter) and “shrink” throughout the healing process (can take up to 30 days).

After care is very important. Richelle puts together an after care kit which includes an ointment to be applied every morning to keep the brows hydrated. This next part is key for the next 14 days*. Refrain from rubbing and touching your freshly pigmented brows. Avoid direct contact with water, which is extremely annoying when trying to wash your hair or remove facial/eye makeup. Oh, and this part right here. No excessive sweating. As sweat secretes out of the pores, it can also push the pigment out with it. I’ve been taking a break from the gym and hot yoga (my favorite, ughhhhh).

It’s been 7 days since having my brows done and I am loving my results*. With my first application, I am already noticing a huge difference in the amount of time it takes me to get ready. As expected, the color has lightened leaving me with a natural and fuller looking brow- LOVE! I’ve been diligent with the daily ointment application and I’m avoiding all the dangers that might cause extremely fade (rubbing, touching, working out, and getting them wet).

I’m all booked in for my touch up appointment and I can’t wait for round #2! For all my Saskatchewan local people, if this is something you’d like to consider for yourself, please contact Richelle at Brow & Co for a consultation. She is the shit, lawda mercy!! The proof is in the pictures, check out her brow page, here!

*After 4-8 weeks a touch up appointment can be scheduled to darken the brows or to add extra pigment where no hair exists

*Results may vary depending on skin type

*Yearly touch up appointments may be required to freshen up pigment

*All information in this post has been provided by a professional

*This post describes my own experience and may vary per person