Preparing For Laser Treatments

I recently had another laser hair removal treatment at Laser Away and I asked if my audience would like to know how I prepare for my Brazilian appointment. Majority if said yes, so here it is! Before I go on, be sure to read my other post on why I prefer laser hair removal over other methods.

24 Hours Before

  1. Shave Unwanted Hair– This may seem counter intuitive, as other methods like waxing will require you to grow out your hair. With laser, the hair needs to be removed leaving your skin’s surface smooth. I always shave the day before as to not aggravate the skin the day of treatment. Be very careful when you are shaving to avoid any cuts. You’ll want to be very thorough to make sure you get rid of as much hair as your eye can see. This gets a little difficult when doing the Brazilian/bikini area. If you need to squat on a mirror, do it!
  2. Avoid Gassy Foods– I make sure to not eat any foods that are going to leave me bloated and gassy. Because let’s be honest, a full Brazilian entails zapping those annoying butt hole hairs. Yup, I said it!  The best position for your laser tech to target those hairs, is by having you lay flat on your back with your knees tucked in tight. So tight that you might force some air out- oops! Even if you let one slip, it’s totally fine. Remember a true professional won’t make you feel embarrassed and imagine how many farts they’ve heard over the years. Just sayin’.

1-2 Hours Before

  1. Cleanse The Area– Come to your appointment with clean skin, free of lotions, oils, creams, and sweat. I always prefer to wear loose joggers or comfortable leggings to my appointment. This allows the area to not be aggravated after it has been treated.
  2. Take Advil– I take a couple Advil to help ease the pain. Pain levels will vary from person to person and also from machine to machine. Some people have an unbelievable tolerance for pain, while others (ahem…ME) do not. Which is why in addition to Advil, I apply numbing cream.
  3. Numbing Cream– For this part, make sure you consult with your laser professional for instructions. Some technicians will ask you purchase your own numbing cream and apply 90 minutes before treatment. This means you would do this step at home. Other places will provide the cream for you at your appointment and have you apply it 30 minutes before treating the area. I’ve done both methods and found the numbing cream helpful, but I can still feel that damn laser sting- ughhhh!

Post Treatment Care

Keep the area hydrated. Your laser technician may provide samples of calming gels or creams to help with skin irritation. If no samples are available, ask what you can purchase for aftercare at a drugstore.

Avoid For 24-48 Hours:

  1. Excessive sunlight and tanning beds
  2. Swimming pools, hot tubs, hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms
  3. Vigorous exercise that may cause excess sweat
  4. Scratching the area. Itchiness can be a common side effect after treatment. Ask what your professional recommends to help relieve the discomfort.

Disclaimer: I am not a laser hair removal technician. These are preparation and after care steps explained to me from a professional. Always consult with a professional for your own appointment as there are many guidelines to follow before and after treatment. Side effects of laser hair removal will be explained by your technician before starting your treatment.

I have had about 4 treatments (if I remember correctly) on my Brazilian and I have significant reduction with hair growth. With every treatment I have less and less hair and grow more and more happy with my results. Remember that consistency is key and more than 1 treatment is needed to have great results. Even though I am such a cry baby with pain, I know treatments like this are well worth it. #beautyispain

Some of you will probably have more questions, so feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to help and guide you in the right direction.

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