Gelish Street Beat Collection

Awwww damn, Gelish brought some fire with the new collection for summer called, Street Beat. It’s vibrant, fun, and totally hip! This collection was inspired by graffiti and hip hop and totally takes me back to the 90’s. Like Fresh Prince or even the movie Sister Act. I bet some of you are waaaay to young to even know what Sister Act is, so you should watch it now because it’s amazing! It’s probably on Netflix and I hope you know what Fresh Prince is…no offence if you don’t, but like…how could you not! I’m sure you’ve at least heard of it, right?

Anyways, when it comes to this collection I think of kids playing in the streets, double dutch, graffiti, boom box, the faded hair, the Chuck Taylor’s and the bright clothes with gold accessories. The 6 new colours in this collection capture the hues of old school and modern day street art and I’m here to break them down for you and share my personal thoughts on the Street Beat Gelish Summer Collection.

Street Cred-ible is an orange/yellow crème color, I like to compare this shade to a marigold (the flower). It’s rich, bold, fun, and completely daring! This is absolutely my favorite color of the collection. I love a color that’s out of people’s comfort zone because I can really encourage my clients to loosen up and do something “wild” for summer! I always say, “It’s only nails and it’s only 2-3 weeks of your life!”. 8 times out of 10 my clients come back with positive feedback, but needing a change to something more “calm”. This is when a color like Tag, You’re It is a great transition shade.


Tag, You’re It is a fuchsia pearl finish. It’s similar to Kung Fu-chsia from the Kung Fu Panda Collection (read my Kung Fu review here), but this shade packs a bit more punch! It’s a popular color for my clients and I can see it being one I’ll keep around for a long time. It applies smoothly and looks fab on the nails/toes and also compliments a variety of skin tones, yaay! It’ll be an awesome color for summer, even into the winter months for those hot vacations!


Hip Hot Coral is another popular color selection for my clients. This is an interesting shade because it’s a beautiful mix of pink and orange with a pearl finish. Depending on how the light hits, the color appears more pink or more orange with a touch of neon in the natural light. The pearl finish gives this color an eye catching shimmer, with added shine after the top coat is applied and cured. A great choice for your summer manicure and pedicures. Thumbs up!


I am gah gah over the shade B-Girl Style that I’m wearing in my feature photo. This is a neon pink with a pearl finish and reminds me of a vibrant modern Barbie shade. It makes me crave lollipops and Cream Soda so bad lol…don’t ask me why. I applied this color to my nails with 3 coats and the finish product is so great, I stare at my nails when I drive lol. I know some people are concerned with neon nails clashing with their everyday outfits, but there’s a part of me that thinks this color is neutral and goes with everything. Is that odd? That, and I wear tons of black and grey so it really does go with everything. Fun Fact: This color and Street Cred-ible glow in black light! So when you’re out partying the night away, watch your nails party, too!


Gelish is treating us to an adorable shade of lilac, Cou-Tour The Streets, for those souls needing a break from all the brightness of this collection. A perfect mixture of pink and purple with a crème finish to get you through your 2-3 week manicure. This color looks great with gold or silver accessories and is sure to make any woman feel dainty and feminine. Love.


This collection would not be complete without a darker shade to anchor it. Give Me A Break-dance is an extraordinarily rich teal with a pearl finish. I love this shade simply because it will get us through the end of summer as we transition into fall. It’s bold without being obnoxious. Do you dare choose this color at your next manicure?


Thank you Gelish for making our summers that much more enjoyable!


What color is your favorite?