Hello lovelies, by now I’ve shared with you a ton of products that I love to use on my hair including oils, serums, hydrating treatments, and repair products. Well today I’m going to share with you my hair routine that I get done by a professional. When it comes to volumes, developer, processing time, and levels…ya girl has no idea, so I must consult the pros. HELP! I’m lucky to have a stylist that’s a girlfriend of mine and she totally gets me! She always knows my vision even when I don’t know what the eff I’m saying. She mixes up some potions and does her magic on my hair, bibbidy-bobbidy-boo!

I like my hair very natural looking, so I don’t stray far from my natural hair color. I like a solid color that looks sun kissed and shiny. You can’t really see the lighter pieces in photos, but my girlfriend lightens some areas that look great when the sun hits it, ooh-la-la! She uses a semi-permanent line called Vibrance by Schwarzkopf.  Click here to read up on the many benefits of having a professional use this product on you. She tells me that semi permanent is a great option for people who want a low maintenance look, as the color just fades out slowly and there’s no visible regrowth line at the roots.

On my roots to mid shaft she uses a 0-00 clear gloss that seals the cuticle, smooths the hair, and adds shine (hello!). On my ends she uses 8-65 which is a blonde/caramel tone to eliminate the brassy pieces and, again, add shine! Can you see why it’s important to consult a professional? All these numbers got me confused. I just sit back and sip my Perrier Grapefruit Sparkling water and watch her do her thaang! It’s a very subtle change to the eye, but I can instantly feel the difference. My hair is softer, smoother, less tangled, and I ain’t mad at that added shine! We repeat this appointment every 3-5 months when I start to notice that my hair is looking dull and lifeless.


Ask your stylist about a semi-permanent color or a gloss to get this low maintenance look for your hair!