Makeup Brush Cleaning Routine

What the heck am I starring at so intensely? I’ll tell you right now. How many of us are obsessed with getting new makeup brushes? It’s such a happy day because our make up goes on perfectly, but I sometimes feel conflicted using a new brush because I don’t want that new feeling to ever go away! The best way to maintain that “new brush” feeling is by washing them regularly. Caring for our brushes is absolutely necessary to eliminate bacteria and breakdown product buildup. Not to mention all the dead skin cells that have nestled in so comfortably. Eww.

I’ve spent years washing my makeup brushes in the sink with baby shampoo (because it’s gentle) and laying them to dry on a towel overnight. Over time I would notice that my brushes would start to loose their shape and the bristles would stick out left and right, similar to an old toothbrush (you know what I’m sayin’). And who likes that? Nobaaddyy. If this has ever happened to you, then I’ve found a product to help us all!



Sigma Beauty has created a unique gadget that helps wash and reshape our brushes as they dry. It’s genius! This device can be deconstructed to reveal the multi textured washing core. Each texture is labelled to ensure we wash eye and face brushes on the appropriate area. After brushes have been washed, the device can be reconstructed to be able to hold up to 18 brushes to dry. For a video on how this device works, click here.




10 Smaller eye brushes can be placed in the centre of the core, while 8 larger face brushes are guided through the elastic band and secured in the appropriate holder directly above. The elastic bands ensure makeup brushes maintain their shape to avoid those annoying misplaced bristles.

Remember to wash face brushes (check out my favs here)  every 2 weeks and eye brushes every 4 weeks. Tip: I like to use a drop of olive oil on my heavier product brushes (foundation and concealer brushes) to help break down the buildup before shampooing. Makeup brushes are an investment and you should think of this Sigma device as insurance for our brushes to last a long, long time! So go ahead and order the Sigma Dry N’ Shape Spa right here.