My Skin Care Secret

Today’s topic is skin care! Yaaay! Let’s jump right into it. Why is it that we can easily spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, but for some reason we have a hard time spending any amount of money on great skin care products. The way I see it is, our makeup application will only look as good as our skin will allow. The truth is I have spent hundreds of dollars on different products including face treatments like a chemical peel (J Lo glow!), but the best thing my face has ever experienced is a Clarisonic. I decided to upload photos of me without makeup on and zero editing for this post. I can’t stress how much my skin has drastically changed since I started using this device. Walking outside with no makeup on never felt so good!


What’s a Clarisonic you ask? It’s a gentle cleansing device that oscillates (a fancy word for moving back and forth) 300 movements per second to cleanse pores and wash away those yucky impurities. Does that sound impressive? It cleanses skin 6x better than our hands alone. 6 TIMES! Not convinced yet? It allows product to absorb 61% better than not using a Clarisonic. 61%! Are you sold yet? It’s the number 1 recommended cleansing device by professionals. The best part is, it only takes 60 seconds a day to feel and see results (consistency is key). I use my device twice a day (morning and night) for best results.

My friends at Clarisonic have *upgraded me from my original Mia 1 (that I’ve had for years) to the new Mia FIT. I’m especially gaga over this product because it’s travel sized and fits right in my carry on! You guys know I travel light, read my travel post here. When it comes to products that I like to use with my Clarisonic, the options are endless. I list my top two cleansers (and bonus products) here. The device comes with a brush head that will last for 3 months. It’s made of soft, non-porous bristles meaning it doesn’t harbor bacteria and can air dry in between uses. You should aim to change the brush head 4 times a year. There are several brush heads so be sure to choose the one that best suits your skin.



The Clarisonic device *shouldn’t cause your skin to break out. If you do happen to notice a few breakouts after using the device, it should subside with regular use. For extra precaution you can consult a *dermatologist if you feel unsure about using the Clarisonic device or if you have any questions about using the system.

For the love of GOD, do not ever fall asleep with your makeup on. The thought alone just makes my skin crawl. I promise you, if you start using a Clarisonic device you will race to the sink or shower (it’s waterproof) out of pure excitment to wash your makeup off before bedtime! Treat yourself to a gift from the skin gods and purchase your brand new Clarisonic device here. Your future self with thank you for it.


What are your thoughts or comments on the Clarisonic device?


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* I received a Mia FIT device for this post, courtesy of Clarisonic

*Minor breakouts can happen to a small percentage of people

*A dermatologist is a skin care expert. I am not a dermatologist and can only describe my personal experience

* The information provided above are from Clarisonic