Happy Anniversary to Us!

Guys! Can you believe that today (September 2) marks me and Tim’s 5 year anniversary! I truly can’t believe how fast time goes…it feels like it’s only been one year. You can find a super detailed story on how Tim and I met, here. I don’t want to get too lovey dovey (because it’s just annoying), but I of course want to share reasons why this man is the highlight of my life.

  1. He’s incredibly self-less.  Tim has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. He always sees the best in people and has undying generosity and compassion. He puts his family first and never fails to make sure his parents live the best life they can. He paid off his parent’s mortgage for eff sakes!! Watch that video here (get the tissues ready)! Of course a lot of us aren’t in a position to do this, but Tim has worked hard to be where he is and that’s something to be recognized.
  2. He’s a dreamer. No, I’m not talking about dreaming at night. Fun fact though, Tim can lucid dream. For those who don’t know what this means, lucid dreaming means you know you’re dreaming when you’re in a dream. Crazy, right? What I really mean is, Tim is always thinking outside the box. He’s always of thinking of new ideas and new ways he can improve himself in every aspect. He’s constantly growing and it inspires me to do the same.
  3. He’s an optimist. This is one of my favorite things about Tim. He is so positive about everything, it kind of drives me crazy because I’m very much a realist. I’m punctual, disciplined, and very routined, which is the opposite of Tim. He calms my ass down when I’m being a control freak and tells me to “trust the universe”. I’m happy to report that I’ve learned to relaaax in situations I can’t control and see the brighter side of things!DSC00201
  4. He’s smart. Tim’s mind is a beautiful thing. He’s super intelligent and full of retorts and quips which enhances his lyrical and comedy game. I mean who doesn’t want a man who can write you songs and make you laugh?! Am I right? I love that he can 100% back up what he’s saying because he actually knows what he’s talking about. I love that shit.
  5. He’s fashionable. I love that Tim and I can go shopping together and genuinely be interested in what each other is buying. I love his sense of style and the fact that I can steal his clothes because most things can actually fit me haha! He has put forth this fashion sense into his new business, Goodie, a lifestyle brand discovered by Tim and his best friend, Rick. My favorite is the Annoyed hat, because ya girl is always annoyed, LOL. Again, this brand just goes to show that he is always trying to evolve and do bigger and better things.

At the end of the day, I can whole heartedly say that there is no one else I’d rather share my life with. We encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves and it’s rare to find relationships like that. I’m truly blessed and honored to be by Tim’s side during this lifetime and I’m excited to watch us grow as a couple. Let’s watch and see what happens next, yeah?




To see more clips of our day to day lives (mostly Tim’s) subscribe to Tim’s vlog channel here.