What is Cupping?

I had no intentions on writing a post about cupping, but after I posted a photo on Instagram, I got quite a few requests to write one on what cupping is and if it actually works. Right off the bat I have to apologize for the quality of some of these pictures, because like I said, I didn’t plan on writing this.

You guys already know that I run my own esthetics business (read that post here) and I do a massive amount of nails, pedicures, and waxing. All of which have me hunched over looking like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. My horrid posture causes my upper back, shoulder, and neck area to tighten up and ultimately leave me with dreaded tension headaches and migraines (not fun). I use massage as a form of treatment to keep my body in check and prevent these painful headaches. These headaches can get so bad that I vomit and cry and anyone who suffers from migraines can tell you they are extremely unpleasant.


I am absolutely NOT a professional in this area and any of the information I provide in this post I obtained from my certified massaged therapist. Cupping is an ancient Chinese practise in which a cup is placed on the skin and drawn into the cup caused by the reduction of pressure. Pressure can be reduced by heat (with flames) or with a pump that pulls the air out (the method used on me). This method is called Myofascial Cupping and it helps soft tissue to be lifted and separated. It’s used to stimulate, detoxify, promote circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, and increase range of motion. I have a ton of adhesions (aka knots) on my upper back/shoulders and I have noticed a huge difference after every treatment.

I got a ton of questions asking me what it feels like and if it hurts. Remember when you were a kid and you sucked your arm so hard to see if it would leave a hickey mark? Or was I the only one that did that…? Imagine you held a vacuum cleaner hose to your skin as it keeps sucking your skin in. It kinda feels like that! Does it hurt? Ummm…I wouldn’t even use the term ‘hurt’ or ‘painful’, it just feels like an intense suction that may be uncomfortable for some, but I kinda like it lol. I have been left with markings that look like big hickeys, but I’ve absolutely never been bruised. I’ve never had prominent markings like Michael Phelps and the rest of the Olympic swimming athletes . If you watched the Olympics and were wondering what those circular marks on their backs were, that’s from cupping!


For the sake of my health I have this treatment done every 4 weeks and try to hit the yoga studio (read my yoga post here) at least twice a week. I find that if I stay with this schedule, my body benefits incredibly! I also love my essential oils and I use a blend called Past Tense by Doterra, which targets tension headaches and Deep Blue by Doterra to help with muscle soreness. To see more oils I love, click here.


I know that people can be skeptical of cupping, but I feel like if it works for Olympians…it’s got to be good!

What’s your opinion on cupping?


*I am not a professional and you should seek a professional for their expertise and knowledge about cupping.

*These are my own personal thoughts and experiences with cupping.

*For those of you who live in my city, please send me an e-mail if you’re interested in a referral to my massage therapist.