Chrome Nails

Are you obsessed with chrome and holographic nails like I am? There’s just something about this look that put me in a trance like state. I find myself staring at them constantly at any given time.

Lets stare at the magical beauty fairy dust together, shall we.

Chrome Nails

Ocean Nail Supply has created their pigment so it can be applied on top of any light cured polish. I applied it on top of a silver light cured polish called Trouble by Artistic Nail Design to get a true chrome feel. If I had to choose my favorite metal it would be gold, so I was on the fence whether or not I’d like the chrome on myself.

I’m happy to report…I DO!

For the application process, click here.

Let’s look at it again.

Chrome Nails

I have to admit the photos don’t do this set justice. It is absolutely flawless in person, especially in the natural light when the sun hits it…BAM! It adds attitude and style to any outfit and because it’s neutral, it will compliment your entire closet (black and grey for me!).

Not to mention you can take it up a few notches by loading up the jewellery. All the metals please! Check out my holographic nails here. Equally as magical.

Would you wear this look?